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Diabetes ups risk of heart attack death by 50 per cent

London: Individuals suffering from diabetes are at nearly 50 per cent increased risk of dying from the effects of a heart attack, a new study has found. “The results provide robust evidence that diabetes is a significant long-term population burden among patients who have had a heart attack,” said lead researcher Chris Gale, Consultant Cardiologist

Diabetes drug can reduce risk of heart and kidney disease

New York: An injectable drug widely used to lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, can also reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and advanced kidney disease, finds a new study. The findings showed that taking liraglutide drug can safely and effectively decrease by 13 per cent the overall risk of heart


Diabetes and heart disease a deadly combination: Study

New York: People with Type 2 diabetes who are admitted into the hospital for congestive heart failure face a one in four chance of dying over the next 18 months, a global study has warned. The findings paint a much grimmer picture of the outcome for diabetes patients with severe heart disease. “Type 2 diabetes accompanied

How to manage diabetes during fasting

New Delhi: Diabetic patients who fast during Ramadan are likely to be at risk of major health complications. Hence they should fast only if their doctors consider them fit enough, experts say. The month-long period that is typically marked by long fasting hours during daylight hours is followed by grand feast each evening after sunset

Diabetes can impair hearing: Study

New York: Diabetes can damage the auditory system, new research has found, suggesting that clinicians should include the testing of hearing in managing Type-2 diabetes. The findings, published in the journal Current Diabetes Reports, are based on a review of studies of possible linkages between Type-2 diabetes and hearing impairment. “An association between diabetes and


Living around green spaces checks diabetes, BP

New York: A five-10 minute walk in your neighbourhood park can elevate your oxygen levels but if you aim for overall health, try living amid greenery as it can reduce chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders among the elderly. The findings revealed that higher levels of greenness around homes is associated with a