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Diamond auctioned

World’s most beautiful Diamond auctioned for Rs 214 crore

World’s most beautiful Diamond auctioned: Recently a diamond auction has taken place in Geneva. In this auction, the world’s most beautiful diamond has been auctioned for Rs. 214 crores.Its price was estimated at 317 crores but it was sold at Rs 100 crore less. It was bought by an unknown person. This diamond is considered

Prakash Rana

Luxury life of Himachal by-poll’s candidate Prakash Rana

In the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, a billionaire is contesting from Joginder Nagar of Mandi district whose name is Prakash Rana alias Prakash Prem Kumar. Rana resides in Saudi Arabia and lives a luxury life. 700 Indians work in his Diamond Company and he has also given employment to about 80 people in their area.Prakash

Diamond falls on these two planets

Diamonds falls on these two planets

Diamond falls on these two planets. Although the reason for the magnificent bright rains is being anticipated for a long time, this is the first time that scientists have seen it in practice.  Scientists have claimed that there are two planets in the Solar System where the rain of diamonds took place. According to them,

A nail polish which costs more than BMW

A nail polish which costs more than BMW

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android :– Click For IOS: You do not have to think much about buying a Nail Polish but you would be surprised to know that if you can buy BMW then you have not any problem to buying this Nail Polish. Perhaps will

GST rate on gold and diamonds cheaper

GST rate on gold and diamonds cheaper

GST Only a few days remain in force when applicable and there is a lot of immunity on so many things. In such a case, jewelers have made efforts to cut the old stock by giving 100% discount on the charge of setting of diamond jewelry.GST from July 1 With effect, jewelry will be expensive