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First infertility diagnosis made 4,000 years ago discovered in cuneiform tablet in Turkey

The first diagnosis to determine infertility was made 4,000 years ago, an ancient Assyrian clay tablet discovered by Turkish researchers in central Kayseri province revealed Thursday. Various researchers from different universities led by Şanlıurfa’s Harran University examined a 4,000-year-old Assyrian tablet containing a prenuptial agreement and found out that the first infertility diagnosis was made

Archaeologists discovered world’s oldest emoji

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android Click For IOS Archaeologists have discovered what may be the world’s oldest emoji – a smiley face painted on an 3,700-year-old piece of pottery. During an excavation at an ancient city whose remains are in modern-day Turkey near the Syrian border, archaeologists

Iron Age gold gems discovered on Britain farm

London: A collection of stunning jewelry, unearthed by two metal detector enthusiasts, was described as the earliest example of Iron Age gold ever discovered in Britain. The gold items were found just below the ground in an area of moorland on a farm in the English county of Staffordshire, Xinhua news agency reported. The two

New species of long-necked dinosaur discovered in Australia

  Sydney: Researchers have discovered a new species of long-necked dinosaurs in northeastern Australia that could have arrived from South America 105 million years ago, officials said on Friday. The Savannasaurus elliottorum were between 12-15 metres long with a long neck, a relatively short tail and hips around 1.5 metres wide, EFE news reported. The


India-rebuilt Lanka stadium where 23 human skeletons were discovered

New Delhi: The India-renovated Duraiappah sports stadium in the embattled Sri Lankan city of Jaffna had once laid bare the hidden brutalities of the Tamil civil war when at least 23 human skeletons, including those of some disappeared children buried secretly in the playground, were discovered in 1999. The stadium, named after a former Jaffna