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Ludhiana: 7 year old boy found dead In Drain At GADVASU

A 7 year young boy was found dead in the drain at GADVASU. Reason of death and identification of boy still not known.Police filed the case and started with

Baba Seechewal blames officials for pollution in Kala Sanghian drain

Jalandhar: Pledging to make people’s woes of pollution in Kala Sanghian drain a major election agenda, Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal on Monday urged the residents of over 100 villages to come forward and join the campaign to save their lives from water pollution. Baba Seechewal also sought action against erring officials, who failed to check

Stagnant water, filthy drain make commuting difficult

Panchkula: Despite spending lakh of rupees on cleaning various places and property every year, Municipal Corporation (MC) has failed to shift a dump from the bank of drain (nullah)near link road to Chandigarh railway station. The situation is getting worst as garbage is thrown into drain from this dump on daily basis. Dilapidated roads in Panchkula


Being helpful to co-workers may drain you

New York: Helping your colleagues too often can lead to mental and emotional exhaustion as well as hurt your job performance, suggests a new study. The findings showed that the exhaustion levels were greater in employees with high “pro-social motivation” — or those who care deeply about the welfare of others. “Helping co-workers can be

BJP MP falls into drain, injured

Ahmedabad: Jamnagar Lok Sabha MP Poonamben Madam was injured and taken to a hospital on Monday after falling into a drain in Jamnagar city, officials said. The Bharatiya Janata Party leader suffered head injuries in the accident which occurred when she was inspecting a demolition site. There others who fell into the deep drain along