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Travel Agent Fraud

PNB detect another fraud case

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) on Thursday has detected another fraud case at a Mumbai branch, which is at the center of around Rs 9.9 crore fraud, according to a complaint with the police.The new development unfolds after the PNB had detected a 1.77 billion US dollar fraud, wherein noted jewellery designer Nirav Modi had acquired multiple letters of undertaking to avail overseas credit from

Nirav Modi deposited Rs 90 cr

‘Nirav Modi deposited Rs 90 cr in PNB hours before demonetisation’

Nirav Modi deposited Rs 90 cr: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Majeed Memon has quoted a report alleging that the accused celebrity jeweller, Nirav Modi had deposited cash worth Rs 90 crore at one of the branches of the scam-hit Punjab National Bank (PNB), hours before the announcement of demonetisation.“When Nirav Modi left India, at that time it was reported that some hours