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Prada’s Rs 11,000 paper clip the most ridiculous fashion buy ever?

The fashion world is an interesting place, especially when it comes to putting an expensive spin on everyday objects. The latest in the litany of designer accessories is Prada’s paper clip for $185 (Rs 11,000 approx). The Prada embossed product is actually a money clip, shaped like a paper clip, designed to hold your money together.

Are your branded accessories original?

New Delhi: With the market booming with international brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors, there are a lot of fakes which are selling like hot cake too. But with a little care, you can escape getting cheated. According to Anvita Mehra, luxury expert and founder of Confidential Couture — an online portal for

Gucci quits US anti-counterfeiting group after Alibaba joins

Shanghai: Gucci America has quit the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, the second defection since the Washington, DC-based group allowed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to become a member in April. Michael Kors walked out of the IACC last month, calling Alibaba “our most dangerous and damaging adversary.” The outrage over Alibaba’s membership raises fresh questions about how