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Body sensations are linked to conscious feelings

Body sensations are linked to conscious feelings

Body sensations are linked to conscious feelings. Turns out, humans constantly experience an ever-changing stream of subjective feelings that is only interrupted during sleep and deep unconsciousness. According to the researchers, emotions vividly colour all our feelings as pleasant or unpleasant. It is possible that during evolution, consciousness has originally emerged to inform the organisms

NASA to put humans on Moon again: Pence

NASA to put humans on the Moon again: Pence

The Trump administration will direct NASA to land humans on the Moon and establish presence on the lunar surface before sending astronauts to the Red Planet and beyond, US Vice President Mike Pence has said. Pence made the administration’s intentions known in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, as well as a speech he gave during

Secret of friendship between dogs and humans

Secret behind friendship between dogs and humans

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android :– Click For IOS As we all know that dogs are faithful and trustworthy, but are they also good friend of humans? Yes, American scientists have found that dogs have special genetic traits for friendship.The Doctor of University of Princeton Dr. Brijet

Secret of dogs and humans friendship found

New Delhi: We all know that dogs are faithful and trustworthy, but are they good friends of man? Yes, American scientists have found that dogs have special genetic traits for friendship.Dr. Bridget Wonholt University of Princeton explains that during research, it was found that the creativity of cats and other pets was found identical. In

Noise pollution in US threatens protected wildlife areas

Noise pollution caused by humans is ‘pervasive’ in the US protected areas, posing a threat to land masses that harbour wildlife and provide places for respite, recreation, and natural resource conservation. Researchers, including those from Colorado State University in the US, analyzed millions of hours of sound measurements from 492 sites around continental US.The results


Humans settled in Tibet at least 7,400 years ago: Study

Washington:  Humans likely established permanent settlements on the high-altitude Tibetan plateau at least 7,400 years ago, much before the advent of agriculture 5,200 years ago, says a study. The findings are based on an extensive analysis of human handprints and footprints found in 1998 in fossilised hot spring mud near the village of Chusang on

Humans arrived in Australia 10,000 years earlier than thought

  Canberra:  Archaeologists in central Australia have discovered that humans arrived in the region 10,000 years earlier than previously thought. Researchers excavating a rock shelter site in Flinders Ranges, 550 km north of Adelaide, believed that they found evidence of a human presence in the area dating back 49,000 years, Xinhua news agency reported. The

Humans need more rest for better well-being

London: What will you do to find yourself at complete rest: Reading, being with nature, being on your own, listening to music or doing nothing in particular? Better choose one fast for your own well-being as you grow old. According to the world’s largest survey of more than 18,000 people from 134 different countries on

Mosquito preference for humans or animals linked to genes

New York: Some mosquitoes are more likely to feed on cattle than on humans if they carry a specific chromosomal rearrangement in their genes, thus reducing their odds of transmitting the malaria parasite, a new study has found. The parasite causing the disease is carried by Anopheles mosquitoes species that transmit it to humans by

Humans have caused climate change for 180 years: Study

Sydney: Human activity has been causing global warming for almost two centuries, says new research, proving that human-induced climate change is not just a 20th century phenomenon. The study showed that warming began during the early stages of the industrial revolution and was first detected in the Arctic and tropical oceans around the 1830s, which


Camels to blame for common cold in humans

New York: Just like the dreaded Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), a common cold virus actually transmitted from camels to humans, a new study reveals.There are four globally endemic human coronaviruses which, together with rhinoviruses, are responsible for causing common colds. The researchers found that one of the four common cold coronaviruses – HcoV-229E –

New forms of HIV can jump from animals to humans

New York: While the HIV epidemic continues to threaten health and well-being of a large section of the world’s population, scientists have warned that new forms of the virus jumping from animals to humans cannot be ruled out. The suggestion stems from a study in which the scientists discovered the first in vivo evidence that

Like humans, cockroaches use GPS to move around

New York: Rats, humans and cockroaches have a system similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS) in their heads that allows them to navigate new surroundings, researchers have discovered. A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University in the US recorded the activity in the brain of a restrained cockroach and found that insects

Cells that made humans possible evolved via ‘long, slow dance’

Bangalore: The cells that have led to the rise of the most complex life forms on earth, including multicellular organisms such as animals or plants, probably evolved as a result of growing initimacy belween their single-celled relatives , say researchers including one from Bangalore’s National Centre for Biological Sciences. The first living beings on earth