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Link discovered between inflammation and depression in type 1 diabetes

Inflammatory protein is associated with depression in diabetes, according to a study. The research, conducted by at Lund University in Sweden, suggests that galectin-3 levels may be useful for diagnosis of depression or may be a new target for treating depression associated with type-1 diabetes, which could lead to better patient care. It is well established that

This protein can up survival during flu

This protein can up survival during flu

Protein survival flu: A specific protein can help reduce inflammation and improve immunity for survival during the flu, a recent study has found. The Penn State-research studied the survival and lung function of mice with influenza in the lab and found that GM-CSF – a protein that modifies the immune response to the flu, may also

Researchers discover 'switch' which can turn off inflammation

Researchers discover ‘switch’ which can turn off inflammation

Researchers have uncovered how an inflammation process automatically switches off in healthy cells, and are now investigating ways to stop it when it goes awry.The discovery, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, could be the key to stopping damage caused by uncontrolled inflammation in a range of common diseases including liver disease, Alzheimer’s and

How smoking causes inflammation

  London:  Scientists have identified how smoking can lead to changes in the immune system and thus increase inflammation throughout the body. The cancer-causing effects of smoking have been known for decades, but how smoking is related to immune changes had been previously unclear. In a report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, it

Eat nuts to reduce inflammation

New York: In a study of more than 5,000 people, researchers have found that greater nuts consumption is associated with lower levels of biomarkers of inflammation, a finding that may help explain the health benefits of nuts. Five or more servings of nuts per week or substituting nuts for animal proteins tied to a healthy

Brain inflammation may lead to depression in MS patients

London: Patients suffering with multiple sclerosis (MS) have higher rates of depression than the general population, as a result of inflammation in a brain region, finds a study. MS is a progressive neurological disorder, which attacks the spinal cord and brain as well as can lead to disability and death. The findings suggested that depression