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Instagram Stories of some users exposed to strangers

Instagram Stories of some users exposed to strangers

Adding to the breach scandals surrounding Facebook and its family of apps, this time a bug on photo-messaging app Instagram exposed Stories from certain users to complete strangers. Out of Instagram’s total global one billion followers, over 500 million users actively use the Stories feature and this incident, once again, raised major safety and privacy

Now user can repost Instagram ‘Stories’ you are tagged in

Now user can repost Instagram ‘Stories’ you are tagged in. Facebook-owned Instagram announced a change to its “Stories” feature which will allow users to instantly repost a “Story” they are tagged in, as theirs. “When someone mentions you in their story, you receive a notification in your ‘Direct message’ thread with that person. Now you’ll

Instagram to tell

Soon, Instagram to tell you who’s stalking you

Until now, users have been able to record or screenshot other people’s ‘Stories’ secretly on Instagram, without being detected. But that’s about to change. The popular image and video sharing platform will soon start telling its users about their stalkers. The feature, which will notify users whenever someone has screengrabbed their ‘Stories’, is yet to be enabled

Instagram launches new features

Instagram launches new features for ‘Stories’

Instagram launches new features: In a bid to empower users and advertisers, Facebook-owned Instagram on Friday launched “Type Mode” and “Carousel Ads” for “Stories” With “Type Mode,” users can now share text with different styles and backgrounds. The “Carousel Ads” feature allows advertisers to have up to three pieces of media per “Stories” ad, as before

Stop Motion camera tool

Instagram to add Stop Motion camera tool for ‘stories’

Instagram is now looking to roll out a new Stop Motion camera tool for its ‘Story’ camera. The Stop Motion tool is one that allows users to take a series of photos, but not to edit individual images. Once done, users can access story-editing tools like stickers and text. Once developed, the stop-motion GIF can