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Jessica Chastain applauds Salma Hayek

Jessica Chastain applauds Salma Hayek

Jessica Chastain applauds Salma Hayek: Los Angeles, Actress Jessica Chastain has applauded actress Salma Hayek for coming forward with sexual harassment allegations against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.”I thank you Salma Hayek for sharing your story. Your voice is important and needed right now. You are creating a place of great healing,” Chastain tweeted on Wednesday,

Jessica Chastain is shy

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Chastain saysshe finds it funny that she decided to be an actress despite being a shy person. The “Zero Dark Thirty” star says acting for her has never been about seeking attention. “I’m so shy. It’s a strange thing. Acting for me has never been about wanting attention or wanting to

Jessica Chastain can control her fame

Los Angeles:  Actress Jessica Chastain says there is a way for Hollywood stars to set their own privacy in the film industry by keeping a low profile. “In this industry, you can set your own privacy. If I go to certain restaurants with my boyfriend I know we are going to get photographed,” Chastain told