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Sikh man detained for carrying kirpan in UK London

Sikh man detained for carrying kirpan in UK London

A Sikh man has been detained in the UK for carrying kirpan, despite having legal right to carry the religious dagger, which is an article of faith for the Sikhs, according to a media report.The incident took place on Friday on Bull Street in Birmingham and was uploaded to various social media pages. The man

Sikh man asks to take off kirpan in Auckland

A Sikh man was asked to remove his kirpan (ceremonial knife) after he boarded a bus in Auckland on Tuesday. The incident took place in the area around Britomart and Queen St. at about 10 am local time.Eye witness told New Zealand Herald that “We looked out of the window and we could see the

Sikhs refused theme park entry in UK due to kirpan

A Sikh children’s group was denied entry into a Staffordshire-based Drayton Manor Theme Park in the UK after an elder accompanying them refused to remove the kirpan, an article of faith for the Sikhs, prompting accusations of religious discrimination. The group was left disappointed last Friday after being told that the kirpan would not be

italy supreme court

Italy Supreme Court Banned Use Of ‘Kirpan’ Publicly

The Supreme Court of Italy has banned the use of Sikh Kirpans publicly. The court said that the immigrant Sikhs who want to settle in Italy will have to adopt Italian law. Publicly carrying arms (kirpan) by Sikhs is a violation of the law of the land. Although the court acknowledged, “Multiracial society is important

Akal Takht objects to RSS members wearing daggers resembling ‘kirpan’

Amritsar: The Akal Takht has taken strong note of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers wearing daggers resembling the Sikh ‘kirpan’ during a march on Dussehra in Jalandhar. In a statement issued here on Thursday, Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh said that this was a deliberate attempt to hurt Sikh sentiments. “This is an attempt