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Lindsay Lohan reminisces

Lindsay Lohan reminisces about India visit on Diwali

Los Angeles, Oct 20, Lindsay Lohan reminisces about India visit on Diwali. Actress Lindsay Lohan, who visited India in December 2009 as part of the documentary “Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey”, recalled her days in the country on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.Lohan took to Instagram on Thursday to share a photograph in which she can

Lindsay Lohan found ‘solace’ at 30

London: Actress Lindsay Lohan says she “found solace” when she turned 30 in July last year, and was able to “take control” of her life. “When I turned 30 I always aspired for this, I always said when I turn 30 that will be the defining moment of what I want to do,” Lohan said

Lindsay Lohan ready to talk about Tarabasov

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan is willing to appear on a popular Russian TV show to discuss her relationship and breakup with Egor Tarabasov — but it will come at a heavy price. She has demanded a lot of money and fancy stuff, including a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in return for the