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Richest man Warren Buffett’s Breakfast Cost Rs 167

Richest man Warren Buffett’s breakfast cost Rs 167

Interesting fact about American Businessman and America’s second Richest man Warren Edward Buffett, which will surprise you.   Warren is also considered as one of the World’s Most Successful Investors. Warren is America’s second richest person and fourth richest person in the world by March 2017.By March 2017, Warren’s total assets were $ 73.3 billion. Warren is

Out of 55, 43 McDonald’s outlets will be closed from today

43 restaurants in the famed fast-food chain McDonald’s 50 have temporarily shut down in Delhi due to ongoing discord in the Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited Board. On Thursday, the CPRL board took a big step and decided to close the ongoing 55 to 43 McDonald’s restaurant in Delhi on Thursday. The joint venture of