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Air pollution

Air pollution may lead to infertility in men: study

Beijing, Nov 22, Air pollution – particularly levels of fine particulate matter – may affect sperm quality and lead to infertility in men, a study has    warned. Environmental exposure to chemicals is thought to be a potential factor in worsening sperm quality, but the jury is still out on whether air pollution might also have

5 Types Of Men Every Woman Wants

1. Mr. Nice Romantic GuyHe’ll show up with flowers, leave cards around your apartment and quote Keats on a whim. Think old-fashioned courtship where you’re being wooed instead of sitting by the phone wondering if he’ll call. What he’ll teach you: This affectionate man will show you a softer side of our male counterparts (what

Indians fond sex toys

Indians are fond of sex toys, according to special research

New Delhi: Sex has been termed as illegal in India. But now people are changing their attitude towards sex. People start talking about it openly. Especially women, the result is that Indians are shopping for sex toys openly. It has been revealed in a new research.According to the ‘Thatspersonal’, It is a website and it

Women have more active brains than men

Washington: Women’s brain is more active in focus, mind control, feel and in stress than men. 46,034 brains have been imaged in one research. In this research, women’s brain was found to be more active in some areas.Leading author Amen Kinikikas published and Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in America leading author Danial G said “the

Gang Raped and Murdered body found of 16 Year Old in Shimla

In Himachal, on July 8, a 16-year-old girl was found dead, which was gang-raped, with broken limbs and brutally murdered in Kotkhai Tehsil, Shimla. People in Kotkhai and Shimla took to streets to protest the evil crime and demanded aggressively for justice for the victim.According to information in local Hindi dailies, the girl was not

Do you want to style yourself in Moonsoon ??

Few Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women and Men

Few Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women and Men. New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI): As the heat is being kicked by our beloved weather monsoon, it’s time we take a break from our everyday boring formals and try out new styles.Here are some tips for women and men: Tips for Monsoon Clothing for Women:

Summer Trend: The Best Sunglasses for Men of 2017

Summer Trends: The Best Sunglasses for Men of 2017 1. METAL SUNGLASSES: GOLD, SILVER & CLIP-ONS  Metal has become almost as versatile as acetate frames.  And the metal frames upgrade the look to a steampunk, less bookish one.  CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES One of the biggest trend you can get your hands on is the comeback of metal

Men, women prefer sense of humour in partner: Survey

New Delhi: A good sense of humour is one of the top desired qualities when both men and women look out for a dating partner, reveals a new survey by dating app Tinder. An in-app survey, which saw more than 15,000 respondents participating, found similarities in likes and dislikes of both men and women users

Middle-aged women may remember more than men

New York: When it comes to better memory skills, the fairer sex seems to score more than men, researchers have found. However, the memory of women tends to fade as the oestrogen — female sex hormones — levels decline or as women enter the post-menopause phase. Memory loss is a well-documented consequence of the ageing

Women face same drink-related health issues like men

  Sydney: Women face same health related problems from alcohol consumption as men, finds a new study. According to the study, women are catching up with men in terms of their alcohol consumption and its impact on their health. The trend, known as ‘sex convergence’, is most evident among young adults, the findings show. Historically,

Decent men do not demean women: Michelle Obama

Washington:US First Lady Michelle Obama hastaken a dig at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying decent men do not “demean” women as she appealed to the Americans not to tolerate such kind of behaviour from any man. Addressing an election rally in Phoenix, Arizona in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Michelle contrasted the

Now, a fashion exhibition only for men

Mumbai: Gone are the days when fashion and lifestyle exhibitions used to primarily cater to women as now Mumbai is going to host The Gentlemen’s Edition 2016, a curated lifestyle exhibit for men. To be held at the Porsche Centre on October 16, this first-of-its-kind event for men only promises to give options to the

Investigators identify 2 men who took bag that held bomb

New York: Investigators probing bomb blasts in New Jersey and New York believe they’ve identified two men who walked off with a bag abandoned by the bomber on a street as Egyptian tourists. Police began looking for the men after they were seen in security video handling a bag prosecutors say was used by bombing suspect

Lady Gaga prefers men who can play chess

Los Angeles: Singer Lady Gaga says she would like to date someone who knows their way around a chess board. “I like to play chess, I think that it’s fun,” Gaga, who split from her fiance Taylor Kinney earlier this year, told The Sun newspaper, reported femalefirst.co.uk. The singer’s new album “Joanne”, which she named

Women prefer men with beards for long-term relationships

Sydney: Women find men who wear full beards more suitable for long-term relationships, suggests new research.Women tend to find beardedness attractive when judging long-term relationships, perhaps as a signal of formidability among males and the potential to provide direct benefits, such as enhanced fertility and survival, to females, the study said.”Results showed a significant interaction

Media misbehaviour case: 3 AAP men identified

After registering a case against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Member Parliament from Sangrur, who along with his party activists misbehaved with media persons during a recent rally of the party in Bassi Pathana, the Bassi Pathana police with the help of media persons on Sunday identified three AAP volunteers who were allegedly involved in manhandling

CRPF men open accounts under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna

A medical camp was organised at Men’s Club, CRPF Campus, Hallomajra on Sunday in which D S Bains, DIG (Adm) NW Sector; Preet Mohan Singh, Commandant 51 Bn; Vishal Khandwal, 2-I/C, 5th Signal Bn; Dr Gurjeet Kaur, 13 Bn; Dr Paramjeet Kaur, GC CRPF Pinjore and Dr Nikhil Garg, Dr Jitender Pal Kaur, Dr Manisha

Men Hit and Killed by Train in Bathinda

Bathinda: An unidentified man was hit and killed by train at Abohar rail marg, on friday night. After getting the news ,the volunteer of Welfare society of Bathinda- Deepak Bansal and Gautam reached on the spot with ambulance. Bathinda police took the body to the hospital for Post mortem. It is being considered ,it is

Saudi men lobby for remarriages of widows, divorcees

Riyadh:A group of Saudi men have formed a society to promote remarriages of widows and divorcees within the existing system of polygamy in Saudi Arabia, the media reported on Sunday. There are more than two million unmarried women, including widows and divorcees, in Saudi Arabia. Under the Saudi laws, these women are allowed to remarry,

Being sole breadwinner may affect men’s health

New York: Psychological well-being and health status declines in men as they tend to take more financial responsibility after marriage, according to a new study. Earning has the opposite effect for women when it comes to psychological well-being. Women’s psychological well-being improved as they made greater economic contributions. Conversely, as they contributed less relative to