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MH370 plunged rapidly, wing flap not out for landing: report

Sydney: Missing Malaysian Air flight MH370 appeared to be out of control when it plunged into the ocean, with the wing flaps not prepared for landing, a new report said today. The report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau found the plane’s final satellite communications were “consistent with the aircraft being in a high and

‘MH370 fell out of sky after engine failure’

Canberra: Australian defence scientists who analysed signals from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have revealed the Boeing 777 fell very fast before crashing into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia. Australian media reported on Tuesday that data analysis and manufacturer simulations showed it was likely the aircraft lost engine power before falling

Possible MH370 wreckage found on Tanzanian island

Canberra: Aircraft wreckage suspected to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been found on an island off Tanzania in East Africa, an Australian official said. Federal Transport Minister Darren Chester issued a statement on Friday about the debris — part of an aircraft wing — found by locals on Pemba island, more

MH370 search: New debris found on Madagascar beach

Antananarivo: New pieces of debris were found in Madagascar by a man searching for parts of missing flight MH370. Blaine Gibson, who has already found possible debris in Mozambique, made the latest discovery on Riake beach, on the island of Nosy Boraha in north-east Madagascar. Gibson has sent images of the finds to investigators. MH370,