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Online "micro-cheating" ruining relationships in digital age

Online “micro-cheating” ruining relationships in digital age

Online micro-cheating ruining relationships in digital age: London, Micro-cheating might be ruining relationships in the modern digital age, as just a click of a computer button can be considered unfaithful by your partner, experts warn.Micro-cheating is used to describe behaviour which falls in a grey area between friendly interaction and infidelity.Examples include checking the social media

Window phones dead, Microsoft finally admits

San Francisco, Oct 9, After struggling to sell Window smartphones for quite some time as Google’s Android and Apple iOS Operating Systems (OS) surged ahead, Microsoft has finally admitted that the software giant will no longer develop new features or hardware for Window 10 mobiles. In a series of tweets, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President

Three held with 2.5 KG heroine, Pakistani mobile phone, Sim card

DP Correspondent , Ludhiana:-In a major crackdown, the Special task Force (STF) have arrested three persons and recovered 2.5 Kg heroine worth several Crores and Pakistani Mobile Phone and Sim card from their possession. The accused were facing several cases of drugs and RDX smuggling. The accused has been identified as Gurlal Singh alias Lally,

Children should own mobile at the age of three, says study

Children should own mobile at the age of three, says study

Children own mobile: If you are one of those parents, who constantly worry about your toddlers using mobile phones constantly, then we have an important news for you. According to a recent poll conducted by Galaxy, it is found that more than 10 percent of parents think it is acceptable to give a child as young as

Female traveler caught a young man making MMS in train

In UP’s Jhansi, a young man made a 37-second MMS in the toilet of an AC coach train. Whom the woman got to know she immediately got out and caught the young man. Other passengers arriving at the noise made the youth very furious. The young man was train’s AC mechanic. The police reached the

Mobile phone, chargers, SIMs recovered from Hoshiarpur jail

Hoshiarpur: A week after two jail inmates committed suicide, Hoshiarpur Police and jail authorities on Tuesday conducted a raid in Hoshiarpur Central Jail and seized mobile phone, SIM cards and tobacco from the possession of three jail inmates. Police also recovered two parcels from the possession of the jail inmates containing ‘Biri’ and ‘tobacco’ bundles

FB suicide note case: Mobile phone from which note was posted is missing

Ludhiana: While a case has finally been registered against three cops in connection with the suicide of a local youth Inderpal Singh Ahuja, the mobile phone from which the deceased had posted his suicide note on his Facebook wall as status updates, is said to be missing. The suicide note was not posted from either