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Indelible ink to prevent multiple cash withdrawals: FM

New Delhi: The government will use indelible ink like during elections to prevent people from making more than the permissible number of times cash withdrawal from bank counters, it was announced on Tuesday. Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das told the media that Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a second review meeting on demonetisation with officials

18 killed in multiple suicide attacks in Pak’s northwest

Peshawar: A suicide bomber today blew him self up at crowded Mardan district courts, killing 12 people and wounding 52 others, hours after security forces killed four suicide attackers who tried to storm a Christian neighbourhood in Peshawar in Pakistan’s restive Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. The attacker detonated a hand grenade before exploding his suicide vest among

Breaking: ‘Multiple Victims’ From ‘Active Shooter Incident’ in Austin, Texas: Police

Austin: Police in the area have tweeted out: “Stay away from downturn.” It also asked for people not to call for updates over the incident. The shocking reports have emerged in the opening minutes. Austin Police Department confirmed there were multiple shootings within the same area. They added both scenes were now

Multiple infections make malaria worse

London: Infections with two types of malaria parasite lead to greater health risks because one species helps the other to thrive, new research has found. The researchers sought to understand what happens when the two most common malaria parasites cause infection at the same time, as they are known to attack the body in different

Multiple woes haunt city HPO

Ludhiana: Visitors to Head Post Office (HPO), near Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiana are suffering a lot due to technical problems, rude behavior of the employees and shortage of staff. Many of them rued that agents get their work done on priority basis due to which common people have to wait long in queues. Many of