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Indian oils are CHEAPER

These 5 Indian oils are Cheaper and more Nutritious than olive oil

Indian oils are Cheaper: In our attempt to remain healthy, we often follow hearsay. Be it a particular diet plan or exercise routine, we end up aping those we see a difference in. One of the trends everyone around us is following is using olive oil and not their regional oils. Thanks to marketing, many

Cooking oils

Best Cooking oils for healthy heart

Best Cooking oils for healthy heart: Some oils are better for cooking than others oils. Doctors of Indian Medical Science Institute says that rice-bran oil, mustard oil and oil made by olives are healthier for the heart than other vegetable oils. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that oil behaves

Six ways mustard oil can improve your looks

New Delhi: It acts as a natural cleanser and helps to whiten teeth as well. Reach out for mustard oil to look your best, says an expert. Dermatologist Pragya Gupta, who is a specialist advisor for P Mark Mustard Oil, shares a few benefits of the oil: * It works wonders on the skin as

Mustard oil weakens on sluggish demand

New Delhi: Barring a fall in mustard oilprices owing to slackened demand, other edible and non-edible oils hels steady at the wholesale oils and oilseeds market today in thin trade. Traders said subdued demand from local parties against adequate stocks position led to decline in mustard oil prices. In the national capital, mustard expeller (Dadri)