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The best song award goes to …?

Gaana Mirchi Music Awards :There is one such name in the Punjabi music industry who is day by day becoming a heartthrob for the young girls. Be it his romantic tracks or his sad songs the singer has won hearts with his music. We are talking about none other than our Manakan Da Munda, Jass Manak

After ‘Prada’ Jass Manak is ready with new hit

After giving the like ‘Prada’ now Jass Manak seems ready for his next song. Jass Manak who wins the hearts of millions of his fans through his song ‘Prada’ is ready with new bang as he shares information about his upcoming project on his social media account. By giving hint he has raised the excitment

Prada’s Rs 11,000 paper clip the most ridiculous fashion buy ever?

The fashion world is an interesting place, especially when it comes to putting an expensive spin on everyday objects. The latest in the litany of designer accessories is Prada’s paper clip for $185 (Rs 11,000 approx). The Prada embossed product is actually a money clip, shaped like a paper clip, designed to hold your money together.