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Google apps, Snapchat suffers major outage, recover

Google apps like YouTube, Gmail and Nest along with photo-messaging app Snapchat and other web services suffered major outages across the US and some parts of Europe.The root cause of the outage was traced back to issues with Google’s Cloud service that powers other apps along with the search engine giant’s own web services. The

Apple raises iOS cellular download limit to 200MB

Apple raises iOS cellular download limit to 200MB : From 150MB per app, Apple has finally increased iOS’ cellular download limit to 200MB to help users download larger apps, especially when they are away from Wi-Fi.This is the first time since 2017 that the iPhone-maker has altered the download limit over mobile networks, Engadget reported

Hand over data privacy records: US judge tells Facebook

A US judge has asked Facebook to hand over data privacy records related to the massive Cambridge Analytica scandal.According to a report in Engadget on Friday, Facebook shareholders in September 2018 sued the social networking platform to obtain information pertaining to the data leak of 87 million users.”Today. A US judge sided with shareholders, ordering

Parental control app developers demand API from Apple

A large group of developers who make apps that require parental control are collectively demanding that Apple come up with a technical solution to let them continue working on the iPhone.The move came after the iPhone-maker recently began blocking many of these apps, alleging they took advantage of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) features on

Facebook, Twitter remove Iran-linked fake accounts

Facebook Twitter: Facebook has removed fake accounts that originated in Iran and several of those presented themselves as journalists associated with top media houses.In a statement, Twitter said it has also removed at least 2,800 inauthentic accounts from Iran since May. “We removed 51 Facebook accounts, 36 Pages, seven Groups and three Instagram accounts involved

Google Messages cross 500 mn installs on Play Store

The Messages app from Google has surpassed 500 million installs on Play Store in the past few days.The number is significant because Google does not require phone- makers to pre-install this app as a part of the Google Mobile Services package, despite which, the app seems to be in good use, 9To5Google reported on Monday

Pakistan launches first official ‘moon sighting’ website

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry Launched what he termed as the country’s first official ‘moon sighting’ website and a calendar showing main Islamic dates and months for the next five years based on scientific evidence. The website, pak moonsighting.pk, was launched on Sunday in an effort “to halt the moon sighting

New iPhones may have full screen touch ID, LG OLEDs

This year’s iPhone models could feature full screen touch ID among several changes, media reports said.The trio of high-end 2019 iPhone models would, however, have relatively few design changes, beyond additional rear camera lenses, with production set to ramp up in the typical July-August time-frame. Along with the addition of 5G, “the smartphone could also

Musk denies report of toilet paper shortage at Tesla

Elon Musk has dismissed media reports that claimed that his Electric Vehicle (EV) company Tesla has gone as far as the office washrooms to cut costs from. A report by Electrek said that “teams at several Tesla facilities are going to some extremes in attempts to cut costs, including skipping on ordering office supplies –

WhatsApp confirms Status Ads coming in 2020

Ads are coming to WhatsApp, finally, and the intrusion into the popular ad-free mobile messaging platform would begin from Status page. At a Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, Facebook revealed a 2020 launch date for WhatsApp Status ads. “WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads in its status product in 2020,” tweeted Olivier Ponteville who attended

Countdown begins for Indian rocket's Wednesday launch

Countdown begins for Indian rocket’s Wednesday launch

The countdown for the Wednesday launch of India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) carrying the radar imaging earth observation satellite, RISAT-2B began on Tuesday, said an ISRO official.According to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) official, the 25-hour countdown for the PSLV launch started at 4.30 a.m. on Tuesday. The PSLV-C46 as per ISRO’s numbering

Snapchat down as users unable to refresh app

Snapchat down as users unable to refresh app

Users in Europe and some parts of the US reported that popular photo-messaging app Snapchat have stopped working for them.Instead of showing the usual filters and lenses or the ability to send messages, the app simply failed to load, The Independent reported on Sunday. “Users report seeing a message telling them that the service isn’t

Italy launches anti-competition probe against Google

Italy launches anti-competition probe against Google

Joining the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and the European Union (EU), Italy’s antitrust authority has become the latest international regulatory body to launch an anti-competition investigation against Google. The probe was prompted after Italy-based energy company Enel Group complained that Google was not allowing the “Enel X Recharge” app to work with Android Auto

NASA spots Israeli spacecraft's crash site on Moon

NASA spots Israeli spacecraft’s crash site on Moon

NASA’s Moon orbiting spacecraft has spotted the impact site of the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft on a region of the Moon called “Sea of Serenity” where it crash landed on April 11. SpaceIL, a non-profit organization, attempted to land its spacecraft on top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in the ancient volcanic field on the

Musk shares look of SpaceX's first Internet satellites

Musk shares look of SpaceX’s first Internet satellites

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has shared the first look of the firm’s Starlink Internet satellites packed and ready to be launched into orbit in a few days.Musk shares look of SpaceX’s first Internet satellites Musk posted a photo on Twitter, featuring the first 60 production satellites packed into the fairing of a Falcon 9 rocket

Twitter removes 1.6 lakh terror-promoting accounts

Twitter removes 1.6 lakh terror-promoting accounts

Twitter suspended 166,513 accounts for promoting terrorism in the July-December 2018 period, saying there’s a steady decrease in terrorist groups trying to use the platform owing to its “zero-tolerance policy enforcement”. According to Vijaya Gadde, Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety Lead at Twitter, there is a reduction of 19 per cent terror-related tweets from

Instagram updating content-banning policies on app

Instagram updating content-banning policies on app

As part of its efforts to curb the spread of false information, consipiracy theories and hate on its platform, Instagram is implementing a policy change concerning the removal of posts violating content norms based on accumulated negative strikes, as well as content bans. Instagram has said that with its new policy, accounts will be removed

Giving human touch to Alexa or Siri can backfire

Giving human touch to Alexa or Siri can backfire

An Indian American researcher-led team has found that giving human touch to chat bots like Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa may actually disappoint users. Just giving a chat bot human name or adding human-like features to its avatar might not be enough to win over a user if the device fails to maintain a conversational

Microsoft issues security alert over cyber attack: Reports

Microsoft issues security alert over cyber attack: Reports

Microsoft has alerted some of its web mail users of possible hacker attacks that could access their email accounts illegally, media reports said. In an email notification to some affected users on Saturday, Microsoft said it became aware of an issue involving unauthorized access to some customers’ web-based email accounts by cyber criminals. “We have

Confirmed: MG (Morris Garages) eZS Electric SUV To Get Hector's Internet Tech; Launch By December 2019

Confirmed: MG (Morris Garages) eZS Electric SUV To Get Hector’s Internet Tech; Launch By December 2019

MG Motor is set to launch the MG eZS SUV by December 2019. The all-electric SUV is expected to be priced upwards of Rs 20 lakh. Likely to feature Hector’s remote functions as well as telematic services. Like the Hyundai Kona, MG says the eZS will have a range of over 300km. When launched, it