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Riyadh to establish company to upgrade capacity of holy sites

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has agreed to form a company to develop and increase the capacity of the holy sites in Makkah and Medina, local Al Eqtisadiya news website reported on Saturday. The proposed company, which will be owned by the government, was approved days after the kingdom announced the success of the Haj season that

‘Climate change can destroy world heritage sites’

New Delhi: It’s not just the marauding Islamic State which poses a great threat to the heritage sites like Palmyra, but climate change too can wreak havoc in cities like Venice, says Mechtild Rossler, Director of the Unesco World Heritage Centre. Not just that, climate change can also destroy heritage sites like the Statue of

NASA’s Curiosity rover may image potential water sites on Mars

Washington: NASA scientists are planning touse the Curiosity Mars rover to capture images of potential water sites and study areas with long, seasonally changing dark streaks in the hope of finding evidence of life on the red planet. Pending approval of a mission extension, the Curiosity rover will continue to climb to progressively higher and