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Apple plans Launch new iPhone 8 September

Apple plans to Launch new iPhone 8 in September

Apple is expected to launch its next flagship device iPhone 8 on September 12, a media report said. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is expected to release three new devices — iPhone 8 along with the updated versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — that will be called iPhone 7S

Google Job Prank landed boy hospital

Google Job Prank landed boy to hospital

Google Job Prank landed boy hospital. The family of Harshit Sharma, a 16-year-old school student from Chandigarh who made headlines a couple of days ago after it was reported that the teenager had been offered a graphic designer job in Google said he has been left devastated after it emerged that the job was a hoax.According to

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now world richest person

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now world richest person

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android:- Click For IOS:- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates and is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune topping $90 billion for the first time ever.When markets opened on Thursday, Bezos had a net worth of $90.6 billion, putting

At Apple’s new headquarters, price is no object

Do you remember the NeXT computer, the one Steve Jobs began building in 1985 after he was booted from Apple by then-Chief Executive John Sculley and the board?It was supposed to be a machine built for academia, the ultimate learning tool priced so that universities could buy them in bulk. But, Jobs being Jobs, he

sixth beta versions of iOS

Apple launches sixth beta versions of iOS

Apple launches sixth beta versions of iOS. Apple, IOS, Mac OS X S. Sierra Sixth Edition ios 10.3.3 and Mac OS X S. Launched 10.12.6, which the developer has tested. According to the Apple Insider Report, this update has been released to increase monitoring, bug fixes and security.Currently, the build number of IOS Beta ’14G.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $145 Million In 2016, The Highest Among CEOs Of Tech Companies

Cook, 56, actually took home $145 million, almost all of it from awards granted back in 2011. He’s not the only chief executive officer of a publicly traded U.S. company to cross the $100 million threshold for take-home pay, commonly referred to as realized pay. Reed Hastings, 56, of Netflix Inc., reaped $106 million last

Apple releases it’s first iOS 11 Public Beta

Apple releases its first iOS 11 Public Beta at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference  (WWDC). It is available for download and  can be installed with iPhone 5S and above, iPad 5th generation and above, and iPod Touch 6th generation. However, to install this Public Beta, users will have to enroll for iOS 11 program. The

How to Keep your phone safe from getting heated

Keep phone safe getting heated. Many users face attempts to heat the smartphone during charging or calling. Many users are afraid of using phone while phone gets excess heated , as it may blast. Heat strength also comes mostly in Chinese smartphones. However, some Chinese companies have less complaint. However, due to the heating of

Pokemon go on top 5 list of Apple app store

Pokemon go on top 5 list of Apple app store

Pokémon Go was launched in India last year. After launch, the popularity of this game is very high. This game based on Agenda is also in the headlines for many wrong reasons. The government of many countries is trying to stop this mobile game. Pokémon Go is one of the top 5 apps downloaded in

Steve jobs secret revealed on iphone foundation

Steve jobs secret revealed on iphone foundation

Steve jobs secret revealed iphone foundation. We think there must have been a huge scheme behind bringing a smartphone like the iPhone but you would be surprised to know that the iPhone came in reality because Apple founder Steve Jobs hated someone in Microsoft company. It is said to be the founder of iPhone, Stock


iPhone 7 world’s best-selling smartphone in Q1

Apple iPhone 7 has emerged as the worlds best-selling smartphone model in the first quarter of 2017, with an estimated shipment of 21.5 million units that captured six per cent market-share worldwide, a new report said. Apple iPhone 7 Plus, with a bigger screen and higher price, shipped 17.4 million units for second place and