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Stressful life events may accelerate brain ageing

Stressful life events may accelerate brain ageing

LOS ANGELES: Major midlife adverse events, such as divorce or death of a family member, accelerates ageing in the brain, a study has found. “Having more midlife fateful life events, particularly relating to divorce/separation or a family death, was associated with advanced predicted brain ageing,” said Sean Hatton from University of California, San Diego in

Eating green leafy vegetables may reduce stroke risk: study

Eating green leafy vegetables may reduce stroke risk: study

Consuming green leafy vegetables may be a novel way to reduce stress and lower the risk of experiencing a stroke, a study has found. Intracerebral hemorrhage – bleeding within the brain – takes a high toll on working-age people in Nigeria and Ghana, with high blood pressure accounting for more than 90 percent of this

Stress as unhealthy as junk food

Stress as unhealthy as junk food

Stress unhealthy junk food: As much as lack of nutrition is causing harm to your body, stress does too. A new finding suggests that stress is just as harmful to our bodies like junk food to our digestive system. Researcher Laura Bridgewater professor at the Brigham Young University, found through the studies that when female

Meditation may help prevent heart disease

Meditation may help prevent heart disease

Meditation may help prevent heart disease. Stress, anxiety, depression and poor sleep may be linked to heart disease risk. Finally, the review noted that although there is some evidence that meditation may decrease a person’s risk of a heart attack, more research is needed before any conclusions can be made. Although the practice of meditation

Stress killing Indian Army, claiming 100 lives every year

Stress killing Indian Army. The 15-lakh strong armed forces continue to lose over 100 personnel in stress-related deaths in the form of suicides and fragging or fratricide (to kill a fellow-soldier or superior) every year. There have been 44 suicides and a fratricide case in the Army alone this year. The defence ministry told Parliament

Reasons why beer is good for your health

Reasons why beer is good for your health

Drinking beer has real health benefits. One of those proverbs you see up in pubs says, ‘If you don’t drink, you don’t live longer- it just seems longer. Researchers found that regular, moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never drink. It reduces the risk of

Using mobiles late night is injurious to health

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android Click For IOS Mobile today has become an important part of our life. Where we use mobile throughout the day, many people keep on mobile till late in the night, but be aware if you are using it more than it needs.

5 causes for not getting pregnant

5 causes for not getting pregnant

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android  Click For IOS Becoming a mother is a dream of every woman. It is an experience that every woman wants to feel. But, due to some physical and other reasons many women do not realize this feeling. If you are facing similar

8 reasons you are farting too much

If you are amongst the lot who can never say no to soda, you might be very well aware of its after effects – that is flatulence. Drinking carbonated drinks traps the air inside and the fizz then comes out in the form of burp or fart, but stay rest assured that it will come

Tension on India-China border during Mansarovar yatra

Tension on India-China border during Mansarovar yatra

In today’s tension over the China border, Army Chief Bipin Rawat will visit Sikkim today. They will review the operational matters of the army in the border state and negotiate with the top commanders. His two-day visit is being seen in connection with a clash between India and China’s army in Donglong.Although official sources described


2 Farmers Suicide due to debt-ridden and stress

The woeful saga of desperate farmers continues, In a span of 24 hours, two more debt ridden farmers have committed suicide. Both have been identified as Baljeet singh Of Uddat Bhagat Ram Village and Beant Singh Of Ranghreal Village. Beant Singh ended his life after consuming sulphas tablets. The victim reportedly owned around 3 acres


‘Stress may cause gastrointestinal issues in autistic kids’

Washington: Stress may cause kids with autism to develop gastrointestinal issues, according to a new study that may pave the way for therapies to treat the condition. “We know that it is common for individuals with autism to have a more intense reaction to stress and some of these patients seem to experience frequent constipation,

Lady Gaga reveals she suffers from stress

New York: Pop star Lady Gaga has revealed thatshe suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), almost exactly two years after she opened up about being raped at the age of 19. The 30-year-old singer, who visited the Ali Forney Center in Brooklyn as part of the Share Kindness campaign, said she has never talked about

Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently

Bostonz: Adolescent girls who suffer traumatic stress undergo accelerated maturation in a brain region that integrates emotions and actions, according to a new study which found that stress affects the brains of boys and girls differently. Among youth with post-traumatic stress disorder, the study found structural differences between the sexes in one part of the

How alcohol consumption increases during stress

New York: Increased stress can cause changes in brain’s reward centre, which may then lead to a rise in alcohol consumption, a study, with implications to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), has found. In the study, researchers used a rat model to explore the relationship between stress signalling and addictive substance use. Rodents that had been

Students of age group 11-16 suffer from Exam stress

Ludhiana: In a research (2014-2016) done by the experts of Forties Hospital, there are around 950 patients, all of them of age group 11-16 years were suffering from examination stress, depression, anger outburst, loss of appetite, anxiety etc. The patients basically belong from Ludhiana, Moga, Khanna, Ferozepur belt. Dr. Ajaypal Sandhu (Consultant Psychiatry) said, “Maximum patients


Born small, stress in pregnancy ups health risk in women

Sydney: Women who were born with a lower birth weight and also experienced a stressful pregnancy are likely to be at an increased risk of developing long-term health problems, finds a new study. The research explored what low maternal birth weight and exposure to stress could mean to the health of a mother post pregnancy.

Check Traumatic Work Pressure Or It May Cost You Dearly

The primary objective of every public as well as private organization is profit earning but stress on employees is a major factor always ignored. Though these organizations are service-oriented but profit earning stands as a major motive. Productivity stands a major entity in the growth of every organization but the quality of service and productivity

Stress, depression linked to HPV persistence

Stress and depression in women with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection may cause the virus to linger for longer and eventually lead to cervical cancer, a new study has found. Researchers examined a group of 333 women they began following in 2000. The women were about 19 years old on average when they enrolled in the

Genetic risk, stress, dieting triggers anorexia

New York: A combination of genetic and environmental risk factors can trigger eating disorders in humans, finds a study conducted in mice, which can lead to prevention and treatment strategies for the fatal disorder. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder, causing people to be obsessive about weight and what they eat, and is incurable. It