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Living near parks

Living near parks may boost brain development in kids: study

London, Oct 28, Living near parks may boost brain development in kids: study. Parents, take note! Children who grow up close to parks and green spaces may develop better attention span, a study suggests. Researchers from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in Spain studied data from 1,500 children, collected during 2003-2013.Previous studies have already indicated

Skin helps regulate blood pressure: study

Skin helps regulate blood pressure: study

London, Oct 26, Skin helps regulate blood pressure: study. Skin may play a surprising role in hypertension, say scientists who found that it helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate in mice. To investigate what role the skin plays in the flow of blood through small vessels, researchers from the University of Cambridge in the

Teens trading sleep for smartphone time: study

Teens trading sleep for smartphone time: study

Washington, Oct 26, Teens trading sleep for smartphone time: study. Adolescents today are increasingly depriving themselves of sleep, and instead spending more time on their smartphones or other devices, say scientists who found that teens sleep fewer hours per night than older generations. Most sleep experts agree that adolescents need nine hours of sleep each

Supreme Court

Can’t expect children to walk 3 km to attend school: SC

New Delhi, Sep 10, Supreme Court Can’t expect children to walk 3 km to attend school. Children cannot be expected to walk three or more kilometres to attend school, the Supreme Court has said. It said to make the right of education meaningful, efforts should be made to have upper primary schools in such a

Coffee may cut diabetes risk

Coffee may cut diabetes risk: study

London, Sep 7, Coffee may cut diabetes risk: study. Coffee lovers, rejoice! Scientists have identified compound in the beverage that may cut risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.Coffee may cut diabetes risk: study. Researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark also found that one of these previously untested compounds appears to improve cell function and

Top six apps enable students to earn pocket money

Top six apps enable students to earn pocket

Women have more active brains than men

Washington: Women’s brain is more active in focus, mind control, feel and in stress than men. 46,034 brains have been imaged in one research. In this research, women’s brain was found to be more active in some areas.Leading author Amen Kinikikas published and Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in America leading author Danial G said “the

Classroom turned into godown, kids sit outside for six months

For nearly six months now, the corridor has been the classroom for scores of kids at a government-run primary school. Day after day, kids as young as four have had no desk to sit but the hard floor, exposed to hot winds, dust and, of late, rain spraying into their makeshift classroom. Besides their first

Oxford English Dictionary added Chana and Chana Dal as new words

The Oxford English dictionary (OED) has recently added more than 600 new words. This time Zyzzyva has been named the last phrase of the dictionary. It is an insect found in South Africa. Mostly it is found there on or around the palm trees. This name of this species was kept in the year 1922

Pet dogs help older adults stay active

Study says Pet dogs help older adults stay active in daily life

Study says Pet dogs help older adults stay active in daily life . London, Jun 9 (PTI) A dog may help older adults to meet World Health Organisation’s recommendations of at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day, according to a new study. Health professionals could encourage dog ownership or shared

Low-fat or full-cream milk? Neither adds to your chances of having a heart attack: Study

Low-fat or full-cream milk? Neither adds to your chances of having a heart attack: Study

For long, public health experts have identified saturated fats as potentially harmful for cardiovascular health. A new study says consuming dairy products, including full-fat milk, will not damage health.The findings, from an international team of experts, contradict the view that dairy products can be harmful because of their high saturated fat content. The experts dismiss

Protein ‘switch’ in brain controls blood flow: study

New York: A protein “switch” within the tinywire-like capillaries of the brain controls the blood flow that ensures optimal brain function, a new study has found. Researchers from University of Vermont in the US have uncovered that capillaries have the capacity to both sense brain activity and generate an electrical vasodilatory signal to evoke blood

Mars may have had rings, and they may come back: study

Washington: Mars could once have had rings,and the red planet may regain them again, according to a new study. A new model developed by scientists at Purdue University in the US suggests that debris that was pushed into space from an asteroid slamming into Mars around 4.3 billion years ago alternates between becoming a planetary

Eating cheese may make you slimmer: study

London:Cheese lovers, rejoice! People who consume high-fat dairy products like cheese may have lower body mass index and cholesterol levels, a new Irish study has claimed. Researchers from University College Dublin in Ireland examined the impact of dairy foods – milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and butter on markers of body fatness and health in about

Earth’s first outer layer was single solid shell: Study

New York: Shortly after te Earth formed and began to cool, the planet’s first outer layer was a single, solid but deformable shell which later began to fold and crack more widely, giving rise to modern plate tectonics, suggests new research. The research is the latest salvo in a long-standing debate in the geological research

700pc rise in superbug infections in US kids: study

Washington: Scientists have found a 700-percent surge in infections caused by bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family resistant to multiple kinds of antibiotics among children in the US. These antibiotic resistant infections are in turn linked to longer hospital stays and potentially greater risk of death. The study by researchers from Case Western Reserve University School

Brain scans may identify teens at drug abuse risk: study

Boston: Brain scans may help predict teens who are at risk of problematic drug use, even before such behaviour starts, a new study has claimed. Psychologists are aware that kids who score high on tests of novelty seeking are on average a bit more likely to abuse drugs. Researchers from University of Stanford in the

Watching birds good for your mental health: study

London: People living in neighbourhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress, a new study claims. The study, involving hundreds of people, found benefits for mental health of being able to see birds, shrubs and trees around the homes, whether people lived in urban or more

Dietary prebiotics may improve sleep: study

Washington: Prebiotics – dietary fibres found naturally in foods like artichokes, raw garlic and onions – may help improve sleep and buffer the physiological impacts of stress, a first-of-its-kind study suggests. Prebiotics are the lesser-known gut-health promoters which serve as food for good bacteria inside the gut. “We found that dietary prebiotics can improve non-REM

Alzheimer’s may be caused by excess sugar: study

London: People who eat diets high in sugar may be at an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has warned. For the first time a “tipping point” molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease has been established by scientists from the University of Bath and King’s College London in the

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