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Watching birds good for your mental health: study

London: People living in neighbourhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress, a new study claims. The study, involving hundreds of people, found benefits for mental health of being able to see birds, shrubs and trees around the homes, whether people lived in urban or more

Dietary prebiotics may improve sleep: study

Washington: Prebiotics – dietary fibres found naturally in foods like artichokes, raw garlic and onions – may help improve sleep and buffer the physiological impacts of stress, a first-of-its-kind study suggests. Prebiotics are the lesser-known gut-health promoters which serve as food for good bacteria inside the gut. “We found that dietary prebiotics can improve non-REM

Alzheimer’s may be caused by excess sugar: study

London: People who eat diets high in sugar may be at an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has warned. For the first time a “tipping point” molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease has been established by scientists from the University of Bath and King’s College London in the

Separation of binary asteroid points to Planet Nine: Study

London: Encounter with a planet beyond Pluto — the so-called Planet Nine — millions of years ago might have separated and pushed a binary asteroid to their current orbits, says a study. These two distant objects starting as a pair orbiting one another, became gradually separated in their orbits because they made an approach to

Cat owners may not have mental illness risk: study

London: Cat ownership during pregnancy or childhood may not pose a direct risk for psychotic symptoms, according to a new study that casts doubt over suggestions that people who grow up with felines are at higher risk of mental illness. Recent research has suggested that cat ownership might contribute to some mental disorders, because cats

New drug cocktail may treat hearing loss: study

Bosto: Scientists have found a cocktail of drugs that can regenerate hair cells in the inner ear, an advance that may pave the way for new treatments against hearing loss. Each human is born with about 15,000 hair cells per ear, these cells detect sound waves and translate them into nerve signals that allow us

Singing to babies benefits mothers too

Study says Singing to babies benefits mothers too

Study says Singing to babies benefits mothers too. New York: Unlike other forms of caregiving, mothers singing to their babies is a universal behaviour, and new research shows that the act could be mutually beneficial for both the mother and the child. While the songs provide the babies much-needed sensory stimulation that can focus their

Chocolates, chewing gums may harm your digestive system: study

Washington: A common food additive found in chewing gums, chocolates and breads may significantly reduce the ability of small intestine cells to absorb nutrients and block pathogens, a new study has warned. “Titanium oxide is a common food additive and people have been eating a lot of it for a long time, but we were

Clean drinking water linked to asthma risk in kids: study

Toronto: Access to good, clean water may be associated with a higher risk of asthma in children as they are deprived of the beneficial microbes, a new Ecuadorian study has claimed. Researchers at University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada have found a yeast in the gut of new babies in Ecuador in South America

Eating less may slow ageing: study

Washington: Consuming less calories may help slow down ageing and promote a long, healthy life, according to a new study that delves beyond the skin to unlock the secrets to ever-lasting youth. There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fight signs of ageing, but moisturisers only go skin deep. Ageing occurs deeper – at

Solar nebula formed 4.6 bn years ago: Study

New York: It was 4.6 billion years ago when an enormous cloud of hydrogen gas and dust collapsed under its own weight, eventually flattening into a disk to form the solar nebula, new research has found. The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed that most of this interstellar material contracted at the disk’s

Wearing police uniforms may lead to social bias: study

Toronto: Simply putting on a police uniform may affect how we perceive others, creating a bias towards those considered to be of a low social status, scientists including one of Indian origin have found. Researchers at McMaster University in Canada raise important questions about stereotypes and profiling, and how the symbolic power and authority associated

Play partners can change children’s personality: Study

New York: Challenging a common perception that personality traits are ingrained, researchers have found that when preschoolers spend time around one another, they tend to take on each others’ personalities. The study, published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, suggests personality is shaped by environment and not just genes. “Our finding, that

Earth’s water may have formed deep within mantle: study

London: Earth’s water may have originally been formed by chemical reactions deep within our planet’s mantle, according to new research. The new theory offers an alternative explanation as to how the life-giving liquid may have originated on Earth. Previously, scientists have suggested that comets that collided with the planet could have deposited large amounts of

Eating mulethi during pregnancy may harm baby’s brain: study

London:Mothers-to-be, take note! Eatinglarge amounts of liquorice, commonly known as mulethi in India, during pregnancy may adversely affect the development of your child’s brain, a new study has warned. In the study, youths that were exposed to large amounts of liquorice in the womb performed less well than others in cognitive reasoning tests carried out

Exercise may not help lose weight: Study

Exercise may not help you lose weight: Study

New York: If you thought spending hours in a gym every day would help you slim down, think again! A new study suggests that exercise may not prevent weight gain. “Our study results indicate that physical activity may not protect you from gaining weight,” said lead study author Lara Dugas, Assistant Professor at Loyola University

Diet change may reduce cow methane release: study

Change in diet may reduce cow methane release: study

Diet change may reduce cow methane release: study New York: Cows that eat corn and wheat produce less methane – a greenhouse gas 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide – as compared to grass-fed animals, a new study has found. Octavio Castelan-Ortega, veterinarian from University of Mexico State measured that 90 per cent of

20 minutes walking may reduce body's inflammation: study

20 minutes of walking may reduce inflammation in body: study

20 minutes walking may reduce body’s inflammation: study Los Angeles: Just 20 minutes of exercise may help fight inflammation in the body, according to a new study that may have implications for diseases such as arthritis and obesity. It is well known that regular physical activity has health benefits, including weight control, strengthening the heart,

Pumping iron may cut diabetes, heart disease risk: study

Pumping iron may cut diabetes, heart disease risk: study

Pumping iron may cut diabetes, heart disease risk: study Toronto: In some good news for gym-goers,scientists have found that just one session of interval weight-training may decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A new study demonstrates that a series of simple leg exercises, involving weights, can improve blood vessel function of

Yoga bring life back among lower back pain sufferers: Study

Yoga can bring life back for lower back pain sufferers: Study

Yoga bring life back among lower back pain sufferers: Study New York: People suffering from chronic non-specific lower back pain can find solace in yoga, say researchers, adding that yoga asanas under proper guidance can help reduce pain and allow movement in such people over the short term. The trials for the study were conducted

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