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Online games not as addictive as gambling: Study

London: You can successfully quit out of your favourite online game with much ease as playing internet games has been found not as addictive as gambling, new research has suggested. The study is the first to measure the scale of gaming addiction in the general population using symptoms of ‘internet gaming disorder’, which included preoccupation

Canola oil with Omega-3 may cut heart disease risk: Study

  London:  Consuming foods made in canola oil — an improved form of rapeseed, with less than two per cent erucic acid, a component found in mustard oil — that is enriched with Omega-3 has the potential to reduce the risk of heart diseases, researchers say. The findings showed that consuming high oleic canola oil

Physical activity does not improve after hip surgery: Study

London, Oct 24 (IANS) Patients who underwent hip replacement surgery have showen little improvement in their physical activity levels like walking, cycling or climbing stairs, a study has found. Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint often

7 million jobs can disappear by 2050, says a study

New Delhi:  As many as 550 jobs have disappeared every day in last four years and if this trend continues, employment would shrink by 7 million by 2050 in the country, a study has claimed. Farmers, petty retail vendors, contract labourers and construction workers are the most vulnerable sections facing never before livelihood threats in

Load forecasting study points out power shortage for next 2 yrs

Chandigarh: The long term power consumption study conducted by a private company to forecast the load factors of the power demand in city has pointed out that as per the power requirement, city may experience power deficit for next two years during peak hours in summers for next two years. UT Electricity department got the

Wearable fitness trackers not useful for weight loss: study

Washington: Wearable devices that monitor physical activity – steps taken per day or calories burned during a workout – are not reliable tools for weight loss, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the US claim that participants without these trackers showed nearly twice the weight loss benefits at the end

Just 15 minutes of TV may kill creativity in kids: study

London: Children who spend just 15 minutes or more a day watching television may become less creative as compared to those who read books or solve jigsaw puzzles, a new study has warned. Watching TV for short periods does not impact on the number of creative ideas that young children come up, researchers said. However

Internet addiction linked to depression, anxiety: study

Toronto: People who use the internet excessively may have more mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, a new study has claimed. Using two scales to evaluate internet use, researchers from McMaster University in Canada found high rates of problematic internet use in a group of primarily college-aged students. They evaluated internet addiction using

Link between autism and sense of touch more complex: Study

London: Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are either over- or under-sensitive to sensory information. The severity of social difficulties experienced by them daily may increase according to their senstitiveness to touch, which may be more than their visual or auditory sensitivities, a study has found. The study showed that the sense of touch may

Four basic personality types identified: study

London: People can be classified into four basic personality types: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting and envious, a new study on human behaviour has found. Envious, is the most common, with 30 per cent compared to 20 per cent for each of the other three groups, researchers said. The study, including researchers from Universidad Carlos III de

Polar bears losing life-sustaining sea ice: Study

New York: Polar bears, whose global population is estimated at nearly 25,000, are increasingly losing life-sustaining sea ice crucial for their hunting, resting as well as for breeding in the Arctic region, a study has found. According to scientists, the Arctic is warming at nearly double the global rate as a result of climate change

Video games increase cognitive abilities in children: Study

London: Playing video games for a limited amount of time each week may increase cognitive abilities in children, a finding has suggested. “Video gaming is neither good nor bad, but its level of use makes it so,” said Jesus Pujol, doctor at the Hospital del Mar in Spain. He and his colleagues investigated the relationship

YouTube videos encouraging alcohol use in adolescents: Study

London: YouTube music videos that contain sexual imagery or lyrics promoting alcohol use are likely to influence adolescents negatively, a study has warned. The study found that video content involving alcohol were also associated with sexual imagery including objectification of women, that influenced personal image, lifestyle and sociability of the user. Some videos also showed

Venus-like exoplanet may have oxygen atmosphere: study

Washington: A Venus-like exoplanet located just 39 light-years from Earth may posses a thin, oxygen atmosphere, a first for a rocky planet outside our solar system, a new study suggests. The distant planet GJ 1132b intrigued astronomers when it was discovered last year. It might have an atmosphere despite being baked to a temperature of around

Distance from tobacco shop may help you kick the butt: study

London: Smokers who have to walk 500 metresor longer from their home to the nearest tobacco shop are more likely to kick the butt, a new Finnish study suggests. Smoking is a global health risk. Retail outlets in residential neighbourhoods have gotten attention as potential targets for policies to reduce smoking, researchers said. Anna Pulakka

Anti-inflammatory drug may treat Alzheimer’s: study

London: A commonly used anti-inflammatory drug may successfully treat Alzheimer’s disease by reversing memory loss and brain inflammation, a new study in mice has claimed. Mefenamic acid, a common Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID), is routinely used for period pain, researchers said. For the study, researchers led by David Brough from University of Manchester in

Singledom may provide a more fulfilling life than marriage: Study

New York: Single people have richer social lives and also experience more psychological growth and development than people who are married, says an interesting study. “The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness (associated with singledom) can obscure the profound benefits of solitude,” said Bella DePaulo, scientist at the University of California-Santa Barbara. The authors cited

Home-made foods for infants not always a healthy choice: Study

London: Home-cooked meals specifically made for infants and young children, are not always healthier than commercially available baby foods, new research suggests. The findings indicated that home cooked meals, which are often perceived as the best option, usually exceed energy density and dietary fat recommendations. Home cooked meals also provided 26 per cent more energy

Nasal irrigation good for patients with chronic sinus: Study

London: Advising patient with chronic sinus congestion to use nasal irrigation — a popular nonpharmacologic treatment — improved their symptoms, but steam inhalation did not, results of a new trial show. “We have found that even a very brief intervention of a video showing patients how to use saline nasal irrigation can improve symptoms, help

We touch smartphones at least 2,617 times a day: Study

New York: As smartphones become centre nucleus of our lives, a new study says that we touch our smartphones 2,617 times a day on average — and the heaviest smartphone users are clicking, tapping or swiping on their devices 5,427 times a day. The research firm Dscout, which specialises in consumer reactions to products, recruited

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