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Syrian Refugee family turned into successful business venture

Syrian Refugee family turned into successful business venture

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android Click For IOS A Business of Asim Hadhad was destroyed in bomb blasts in Syria. After that, their family did not have any space to save their life and cover their heads.They had no any choice but to go to the Lebanon

US-led Syria strikes caused deaths of 472 civilians.

US-led Syria strikes caused the deaths of  472 civilians. The human rights monitor observed that the death toll had doubled than the previous month. US-led coalition air strikes on two Syrian provinces are targeting the Jihadists. In process, they also killed 472 civilians. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the period between May 23

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugee camp

Los Angeles: Actress-activist Angelina Jolie has visited a Syrian refugee camp and urged world leaders to help sort the current crisis. “This is not a problem of Jordan’s making, or that Jordan should be left to bear alone. They have been warning for years that they would reach a point where they on their own