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Jaitu cell Nehru

Jaitu cell, where Nehru was kept, cries for attention

DESPITE THE STATE BEING RULED BY CONGRESS PARTY, THE GOVERNMENT HAS LEFT IT NEGLECTED RAJAY DEEP Bathinda It was September 21, 1923. Jawaharlal Nehru got arrested at Jaitu when he along with freedom fighters K Santhanam and Acharaya Gidwani had reached there to take part in Jaitu Morcha being undertaken under Gurdwara reform movement. He

Tourism Minister India vision

Exclusive interview with Tourism Minister: Know about India tourism vision

Know about the vision of tourism in India direct from the mouth of Union Minister of Culture and Tourism , Alphons Joseph. Daily Post Editor, Ajay Bhardwaj interviewed him exclusively in Chandigarh to know about vision, business, status and future of tourism in India. To know more watch the video


A call from Australian high commissioner Harinder sidhu to Punjab’s Navjot singh sidhu

Today Navjot singh sidhu the cultural affairs and Tourism minister was called on by Australian High commissioner Harinder sidhu . Two Sidhus   met together  at Local Body bhawan. They two held talks on the country’s  topic related to smart cities, Education or sports sector. Mr. sidhu discussed their govt plan about making the Ludhiana, Amritsar