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Blood Type O? Here is why you need to be careful

Blood Type O? Here is why you need to be careful

Blood Type O: Turns out, blood type O patients may have a higher risk of death from severe trauma. According to a research conducted by the Biomed Central, blood type O is associated with high death rates in severe trauma patients, which involved 901 Japanese emergency care patients. Researchers found that severe trauma patients (those

Twitter can help identify emotional response to trauma

New York: Micro-blogging website Twitter can be utilised to gauge negative emotions in the aftermath of violence, especially on campuses since students are the most likely users among the general population, revealed a research. Twitter can help analysts to gather the overall effect of traumatic experiences, like a school shooting, on people. “Twitter’s rapid distribution

Rubble stashed at female trauma ward

It is always dark at the foot of light house, has been proved right at female trauma centre of Government Multi-Specialty Hospital (GMSH-16). Heaps of waste at trauma centre has made it breeding ground of infection. On one hand UT Health Department propagates of clean and hygienic conditions at sensitive areas, an on other hand