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Gulzar pens debut novel in English on Partition

New Delhi, Nov 30 (PTI) Gulzar pens debut novel in English on Partition. Veteran lyricist Gulzar has come out with his debut novel in English which examines the status of refugees after the Partition. “Two” was originally written in Urdu, Gulzar’s medium of writing. “But then, it included many words and phrases in Punjabi, Saraiki and

Gurinder says Unfortunate ‘Partition: 1947’ has been banned in Pak

Gurinder says Unfortunate Partition 1947 has been banned in Pak. Gurinder Chadha’s “Partition: 1947” has been banned in Pakistan and the filmmaker has called it “unfortunate”. The 57-year-old director took to Twitter to express her disappointment.   “It is unfortunate my film has been banned in Pakistan. It will always be the land of my