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Punjab and Haryana High Court to hear Varnika Kundu case

The Punjab and Haryana High Court heard the Varnika Kundu case today. The hearing was on Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala’s bail petition. Court orders UT councilor to provide call details of two remaining persons before 4 jan. Case is adjourned for the 11 jan 2018. Court also ordered trial court to complete cross

Vikas Barala charges abduction

Vikas Barala charges with Abduction in Varnika Kundu stalking case

Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala’s son Vikas and his friend Ashish were arrested for trying to kidnap Varnika Kundu, daughter of senior IAS officer Virendra Kundu. On Friday, the court fixed the abduction charges. Taking cognizance of the police report on this matter, the Chandigarh Court has fixed charges against both accused.The victim, Varnika Kundu

Varnika Kundu to hit the floor again

Varnika Kundu victim Chandigarh stalking case hit the floor again. “It makes complete sense that my first gig after a complete upheaval of my life, will be to kick off Ladies’ nights!”, reads a post of the girl who bravely fought back against the boys who stalked her and later tried to abduct her on

Chandigarh Stalking Case: Vikas Barala’s bail plea dismissed

Chandigarh Stalking Case. Bail plea of Vikas Barala, accused in the Chandigarh stalking case, was dismissed by a district court on Tuesday. Vikas is the son of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Haryana unit President Subhash Barala. Vikas and his friend Ashish Kumar had been earlier sent to judicial custody till August 25.On August 5, Vikas

Fatima Sana Shaikh, Chandigarh stalking case

Fatima Sana Shaikh terms Chandigarh stalking case as unfortunate

Fatima Sana Shaikh Chandigarh stalking case. Terming the recent Chandigarh stalking case as ‘unfortunate’, ‘ Dangal’ girl Fatima Sana Shaikh hopes Varnika Kundu gets justice. Bollywood star Fatima Sana said, “It’s an extremely unfortunate incident. Such things should not happen but I just hope Varnika Kundu gets justice.”When asked if India still is unsafe for women, Fatima said, “There

Is Varnika Kundu case only problem in India? Read about ones ignored

Yadwinder Singh Toor : Varnika Kundu and Vikas Barala on social media for the last several days have been the subject of great debate. Whatever happened with Varanika, it is highly condemnable. Along with the women, everyone in country is condemning this incident. Perhaps in Varnika Kundu case, Varnika is the daughter of an IAS,

Chandigarh Stalking case : Vikas Barala summoned to appear before Police

Chandigarh Stalking case : Vikas Barala summoned to appear before Police. The Chandigarh stalking case is news these days. Haryana BJP Chief Subash Barala’s son was accused of stalking and chasing a woman last week. Vikas Barala, the son of  Subhash Barala, has been summoned by the Chandigarh Police in the Varnika stalking case. The