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Consuming fruits, vegetables can reduce risk for diabetes

Consuming fruits, vegetables can reduce risk for diabetes

Consuming fruits, vegetables: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, suggests a study. Consuming food rich in antioxidants – fruits, vegetables, tea and other hot beverages – has previously been associated with a lower risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular conditions. An Inserm team (Health across generations,

Eat Walnuts control hunger: Study

Eat walnuts to control hunger: Study

Eat Walnuts control hunger. Eating walnuts is always beneficial, as a study recently has found out that consuming walnuts daily may activate an area in your brain which decreases hunger. According to researchers, walnuts are also thought to discourage overeating by promoting feelings of fullness.Study’s first author Olivia M Farr from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center said that

Walnuts are Hunger suppressing nuts

Walnuts are one of the nuts with more density. It is a an eatable nut grown on herbivorous tree of flora and fauna. It’s scientific name is ‘Juglans Regia’. The nut tree can be up to 30 to 100 feet high. It is quite popular due to its dietary qualities. China is its largest producer.


Healthy diet, walnuts may help fight ageing effects

New York: Eating an overall healthy diet, including certain foods such as walnuts and other whole foods, may reduce the risk of physical function impairments throughout the ageing process in women, a new study has found. Women who consumed 1-2 servings of walnuts per week (1/4 cup per serving) showed reduced risk of developing impairments

Walnuts may shield you from colon cancer

New York: Eating 28 grams of walnuts everyday may change gut bacteria in a way that suppresses colon cancer, a new research has found. “Our results show for the first time that walnut consumption may reduce colon tumour development,” said principal investigator Daniel Rosenberg of University of Connecticut Health Centre in the US. The researchers