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TRAI invites firms to be part of paid public wi-fi interface

TRAI invites firms to be part of paid public wi-fi interface

Telecom regulator TRAI invited interest from firms to set up on a pilot basis public wi-fi hotspots that will be available for public at a starting price of Rs 2. The public wi-fi hotspots are proposed to be set up on the lines of yesteryear’s PCOs that were used for making phone calls by public

TRAI plans to introduce Wi-Fi hotspot PDO

TRAI plans to introduce WiFi hotspot PDO

There is a competitive race for all telecom companies.They are offering cheap Internet and cheap call rates, but now the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has planned to introduce Wi-Fi facility based on ‘Pay as You Go’ in India. For this, TRAI has called companies to take part in the Pilot project. The Wi-Fi

Six railway stations of city to become wi-fi hotspot zone

Ludhiana: Wi-Fi hotspots would be deployed at the rural railway stations of Ludhiana district by the end of year to upgrade the rural railway passengers. Moreover, large number of Feroezpur Division railway stations would also be covered under the proposed railway programme soon. The proposed initiative would be done under `Digital India’ programme to connect