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Your diet determines what your child eats

New York: Parents need to be careful while choosing food as researchers have found a close relationship between diet quality of parents and kids. The analysis draws on data from a study that looked at 698 parent-child duos to better understand obesity and related behaviours. The children were six to 12 years old and all

Getting out of bad relationship good for your health

New York: While high-quality relationships are associated with better physical and mental health for young people, faster they get out of low-quality relationships, the better their health, says a new study. “Low-quality relationships are detrimental to health. The findings suggest that it’s better for health to be single than to be in a low-quality relationship,”

Make your skin monsoon-ready

New Delhi: After the scorching heat of the summer sun, the monsoon comes as a welcome relief. But what about all kinds of dermatological infections that lead to skin problems like pimples, rashes and dull skin due to the sudden change in the weather? Take bath with only lukewarm water and use anti-fungal creams to

Hit the gym to keep your muscle-repairing ability intact

Toronto: Here is another reason why you should hit the gym regularly as you grow older. New research has found that regular exercise could help muscles repair themselves as quickly as possible after injury even as you age. For many mammals, including humans, the speed of muscle repair slows as they grow older, and it