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Sri Lanka to freeze assets of terrorists involved in Easter bombings

Sri Lanka suspects international link in bombings

A wave of bombings that killed 290 people in Sri Lanka on Sunday was carried out with the support of an international network, officials said.The government has blamed a little-known local jihadist group, National Towheaded Jamath, although no-one has yet admitted carrying out the bombings. Another 500 people were injured in the suicide attacks on

Nagasaki commemorates 71 years of nuclear bombing

Tokyo: he Japanese city of Nagasaki on Tuesday commemorated the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing that killed thousands of people towards the end of the World War II. The ceremony began at 10.35 a.m. As the Peace Bell tolled, a minute of silence was observed at 11.02 a.m., the exact time when the atomic bomb

Iraqi officials: 91 people killed in 2 bombings in Baghdad

Baghdad: At least 91 people were killed today in two bombings in the Iraqi capital, including a large-scale attack claimed by the Islamic State group that killed 86 people among them 15 children in a central shopping district, officials said. The bombings demonstrated the extremists’ ability to mount significant attacks despite major battlefield losses, including

BREAKING NEWS: Ten killed in suicide bombing in Cameroon

Cameroon: At least 10 people have been killed in a suicide bombing by a Boko Haram jihadist in northern Cameroon, a security source said Thursday. “A suicide attacker from Boko Haram blew himself up during the night in Djakana”, a town near the Nigerian border, killing 10 people, the source said. A source close the

Emotional homecoming for Brussels terror attack victim

Mumbai: Nidhi Chaphekar, the 42-year-old Jet Airways crew member whose image sitting bloodied and dazed and her yellow uniform shredded in Brussels airport bombings became an iconic picture of the horror, returned home today to an emotional homecoming. The mother of two from Mumbai, Nidhi, who has not yet recovered from the injuries suffered in