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Mar 10

Emma sends Holi greetings to Indian fans

Los Angeles: Ahead of the release of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” on March 17, actress Emma Watson has sent out Holi wishes to her Indian

Paris Jackson will be an incredible actress: Naomi Campbell

Los Angeles: Supermodel Naomi Campbell says she feels King of Pop Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris will be an incredible actress. Paris, 18, recently

Hopeful for ‘Downton Abbey’ reunion: Michelle Dockery

London: Actress Michelle Dockery is hoping for the cast of the TV show “Downtown Abbey” to reunite. The 35-year-old played Lady Mary Crawley in the

Jurassic World 2′ releases first official image

Los Angeles: The first official photo from”Jurassic World 2″ has been unveiled by director JA Bayona on Twitter. It takes fans inside what looks

Brie Larson blasts fashion industry

Los Angeles: Actress Brie Larson slammed the unfair standards for women in the fashion industry as she recalled how she was just given a “one-off piece

I struggled with my confidence: Ariel Winter

Los Angeles: Actress Ariel Winter says she had a tough time to be able to find her self-confidence. The 19-year-old actress says she is now hoping to use her

Emma Watson used to ruin takes during ‘Harry Potter’

Los Angeles: Actress Emma Watson says she used to mess up lines during the filming of ‘Harry Potter’ movies. The 26-year-old actress, who starred

Alba carries out her beauty regime in plane

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Alba believes people think she is crazy when she carries out her beauty regime on a plane. The 35-year-old always carries out her

Ed Sheeran plans to make a movie

London: Singer Ed Sheeran says he is planning to make a movie. The 26-year-old wishes to temporarily move away from the music industry and instead focus his

Trump is in love with me: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Los Angeles:Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger poked fun at US President Donald Trump for tweeting about him so much, saying that it appears the President is

Dakota Johnson joins courtroom drama ‘Unfit’

Los Angeles: “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson has signed on to star in and executive produce the upcoming historical courtroom drama film

Girls now have superhero in Wonder Woman, says Gal Gadot

Los Angeles: Gal Gadot says young girlsfinally have a role model like Wonder Woman to look up to and is thrilled to be essaying the superhero on celluloid. The

Kim Kardashian shoots for ‘Ocean’s Eight’

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who will do a cameo in “Ocean’s Eight”, was spotted filming for the movie here. The 36-year-old

Margot Robbie to star as Maid Marian in Robin Hood film

Los Angeles:Margot Robbie will star as MaidMarian in a film inspired by the Robin Hood universe . The “Suicide Squad” actress will feature in the

Vidya appears bold and intense in ‘Begum Jaan’ first look

Mumbai: With her intimidating and piercinggaze, actress Vidya Balan comes across as a fierce woman in the first look of “Begum Jaan”. The

‘Lucknow Central’ to release on September 15

Mumbai: “Lucknow Central”, set against the backdrop of a jail and its inmates, will release on September 15. Bringing alive the vibe of the

Margot Robbie to play Maid Marian in ‘Robin Hood’ inspired film

Los Angeles: Actress Margot Robbie will next be seen as Maid Marian in an upcoming film inspired from the “Robin Hood” universe. The film will

Original pink ranger surprises new Power Rangers team

Los Angeles: Actress Amy Jo Johnson, who played the pink ranger on Power Rangers kids series from 1993 to 1995, gave a surprise to the new cast. During a

Hugh Jackman has scars from wearing Wolverine’s claws

Los Angeles: Hugh Jackman has opened up about wielding the famous Wolverine claws and the actor says he has got some scars for good measure. After working on

Emma Watson was scared Dan Stevens would break her foot

London: Emma Watson says she was scared her “Beauty and The Beast” co-star Dan Stevens would break her foot while practising for the film’s