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JK spends Rs 2,000 cr annually on import of meat, poultry

Jammu, Feb 17,  Jammu and Kashmir is spending about Rs 2,000 crore annually to import meat and poultry, Governor N N Vohra has said and called for concerted efforts to make the state a net exporter of these products. The states import bill for meat, poultry and eggs is approximately Rs 2,000 crore per annum

Warning: Chickens and eggs can be poisonous

Considered as healthy but Chicken and Egg Health can also be poisonous. Yes, according to a study by the Law Commission, chicken and eggs can be poisoned due to the antibiotics given to chickens and chicks, which can lead to the resistance to medicines in the human body.  According to a report titled ‘Transportation and

India proclaimed itself to be free from Bird Flu

India proclaimed itself to be free from Bird Flu. India has declared itself free from Bird Flu(highly pathogenic Avian Influenza0 – (H5N1 and H5N8) and notified it to the World Organization for Animal Health. It will help in resuming export of poultry products to the countries which was earlier banned. The countries which banned Indian

Poultry farm worker killed by co-worker over monetary dispute

Ludhiana: A worker at poultry farm was murdered over monetary dispute in a village near Dehlon on Friday. The body was found from the fields of Khera village. Following the investigation, Dehlon police have registered murder case in this regard. The deceased has been identified as Ramesh. Bhupinder Singh, owner of poultry farm told the police