Aug 09

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Who minds being a style icon? Who minds posing in front of the camera and people going crazy for his or her photographs? While the social mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others have given a great platform to people to reach out to the world, even people hardly miss opportunities to promote themselves

Mobile health technology can help prevent diabetes

New York: Text messages sent via mobile phones that advise healthy behaviours such as to exercise, eat less fats and consume more fruits and vegetables has the potential to prevent the risk of developing diabetes, reveals a study. The study has broad implications for diabetes prevention at the population level, specially in low and middle-income

New compound shows hope for prostate cancer therapy

New York: Researchers have identified a novel compound that can block testosterone from fuelling the tumours in mice and act as a new generation therapy for prostate cancer. “Prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in men, and the principal driver of tumour growth is the androgen receptor,” said John D. Norris, Associate Professor

Wikipedia takes a bite… at Indian food and forts

Chandigarh: Searching for an image from your area might soon cease to be a difficult task, thanks to hacks being worked on by an army of enthusiastic volunteers across India. “If burgers and wines can be visible on the internet, then why not Indian food too? Our region is rich in monuments too, and we’re

Some tattoo myths busted

 New Delhi:Want to get a tattoo, but have several doubts? The pain is not unbearable and your inking won’t fade with time, say experts. Vikas and Mickey Malani, Co-founders of Bodycanvas Tattoos, bust some myths associated with the art of tattooing. Can’t donate blood: It’s only the first three months that you cannot donate blood.

Tips to nail a perfect crisp in snacks.

New Delhi: Sometimes you might undercook or overcook a snack, but there are ways to get the crisp right in snacks, says an expert. Chef Tushar at McCain Foods Kitchen decodes the proper way to get the snack right:  Choose the right ingredient. Do not use over-ripe potatoes as they tend to absorb more oil

Singledom may provide a more fulfilling life than marriage: Study

New York: Single people have richer social lives and also experience more psychological growth and development than people who are married, says an interesting study. “The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness (associated with singledom) can obscure the profound benefits of solitude,” said Bella DePaulo, scientist at the University of California-Santa Barbara. The authors cited

Arunachal designer aims to promote northeast weavers (With Images)

New Delhi:Designer Yana Ngoba Chakpu, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, is set to host the second edition of the North East India Fashion Week (NEIFW) in her home state. She hopes that the show encourages more weavers of the region to continue creating products using handlooms, which she believes are gradually being replaced by power

‘New asthma pill may reduce symptoms in severe sufferers’

London:  In a breakthrough, researchers havefor the first time in 20 years developed a new asthma pill which may have the power to significantly reduce the severity of the condition. Fevipiprant significantly decreases the symptoms of asthma, improves lung function, reduces inflammation and repairs the lining of airways, researchers said. “This new drug could be

Kids with autism may increase siblings’ risk of disorder

New York: The risk of younger siblings developing an autism spectrum disorder is 14 times higher if an older sibling has the disorder, says a study. Autism is a neuro developmental disorder defined by impairments in social interaction and communication, as well as restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The findings showed that children with

Curiosity may influence people to make smarter decisions.

Washington- Curiosity could be an effective tool to entice people into making smarter and healthier decisions, a recent study has revealed. “Our research shows that arousing people’s curiosity can influence their choices by steering them away from tempting desires, like unhealthy foods or taking the elevator and toward less tempting, but healthier options, such as

Malaika rubbishes divorce rumours with this adorable picture with Arbaaz

All is well in Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s paradise. Though the Bollywood’s most stable couple had sent many in a tizzy when they had issued a statement, saying that they have parted ways and are rethinking about their marriage, it now seems they have kissed and patched up. On Thursday Arbaaz celebrated his

Dine with the royals at The Oudh (Foodie Trail-Delhi)

New Delhi: Royal and age-old tradition is what describes The Oudh, bringing Lakhnavi cuisine directly from the kitchens of the last nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah, on to the plates of Delhiites. The Oudh, formerly known as Darbar, located in The Ashok, opened its doors in 1995 offering an array of dishes that were

Heavy drinking may lead to breathing problems

New York: Drinking too much alcohol may disrupt the healthy balance in the lungs and impact your breathing, a new study warns. In the study, adults who drink excessively were found to have less nitric oxide in their exhaled breath than adults who do not drink. The finding, published in the journal Chest, is significant

Excess of red meat, eggs may up mortality risk

New York: A higher intake of proteins from animal sources, like processed and unprocessed red meats, eggs can lead to an increase in mortality rate in people living an unhealthy lifestyle and are obese or underweight, says a study. On the other hand, the elevated mortality risk association was found to disappear in participants with

Skin exam training may help, check your partner for cancerous moles

New York: Training the loved ones or partners of skin cancer survivors to examine new moles can dramatically increase early detection and thus lead to early treatment as well as improve survival rate, says a study. Patients with melanoma — the most serious type of skin cancer — are at increased risk of developing a

Exposure to alcohol in adolescents may lead to addiction

New York: Teenagers who have easy access to drugs and alcohol in the home are more likely to get addicted in their early and late 20s, according a study. The study also revealed how adolescent exposure to illegal substances affects patterns of abuse in adulthood and indicates that the effects were more significant among white

Eating fried food may stop brain from controlling diet: study

London: Want to lose weight? Stay clear ofmeals rich in saturated fat such as lard and butter as consuming such food affects a part of the brain which helps control hunger, a new study has found. The fat causes inflammation that impedes the brain to control the food intake. In other words, people struggle to

Cheers! Music can bring your beer alive

London: There is no doubt that soothing music lifts your mood and makes a perfect evening but popular songs in a bar can also impact how much you enjoy your beer. According to researchers led by Felipe Reinoso Cavalho from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, music can influence

Rejuvenate yourself with serenity, peace in the nature’s lap

Kasol (Himachal Pradesh): Break the monotony and get out of your hectic city life to explore the silence and solace of nature amid glorious mountain peaks. In the land of the Himalayas, there are many places to rid yourself of stress and truly search for peace. Kasol, located 42 km east of Kullu district between