May 14

South Africa targets Indian tourists

Durban: South Africa has identified India as a key focus market for boosting tourism and it will shortly launch an aggressive campaign to attract tourists from there. South African Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom announced this at the INDABA tourism fair here. He said that the country had received more than 80,000 Indian tourists last year

Dynamics of Communication 

In the dynamic world of today it is faster modes of communication that have helped in rapid growth of economy, understanding, relation building and many other avenues of life. But what is right way to communicate and what are the essentials of communication in business we all need to ponder over.  Wikipedia defines communication as

Are your branded accessories original?

New Delhi: With the market booming with international brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors, there are a lot of fakes which are selling like hot cake too. But with a little care, you can escape getting cheated. According to Anvita Mehra, luxury expert and founder of Confidential Couture — an online portal for

Fairness at work can boost employees’ health

London: Fairness at work is likely to bring you positivity as well as good health, says a new research, indicating that an organisation is rated on the basis of the health of its employees. The findings showed that when perceptions of fairness changed, the self-rated health of employees also changed. Those who experienced more fairness

60 percent of Chinese working women prefer one child

Beijing: Nearly 60 percent of working mothers in China prefer one child and do not want a second, a report said. The report, released on Sunday by Chinese job recruitment site, also found that of 29.39 percent of women who have not given birth, 20.48 percent said they don’t want a child, China Daily

Being a foodie can actually keep you lean

London: Do you perceive yourself to be a foodie? If yes, chances are that you may end up influencing the amount of your intake as well as decrease the risk of becoming obese, often attributed to an addiction to food, finds new research. According to researchers, when the study participants were told that they were

‘Indian bartenders already competing globally’

New Delhi: Dean Callan, global brand ambassador of whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, who was in the capital to conduct the Ultimate Bartender Championship, says Indian mixologists are already competing globally and the international platform “needs to learn more” about the country and its hospitality industry. Ultimate Bartender Championship is an international competition that refocuses this

Gift a flower to your mom on Facebook this Mother’s Day

New Delhi: Facebook, in a bid to celebrate Mother’s Day with women across the globe, has introduced a special feature to help its users send floral decorated greetings to their mothers via Messenger, the social networking giant recently announced. “For a short time (May 7-May 9), you’ll see a new purple flower icon in Messenger.

Keep your dogs cool during summers: Veterinary expert

Ludhiana: Like humans, hot temperatures during summers can prove very dangerous for your pet dogs too. Veterinary experts have prescribed precautions to save your pet dogs from heat especially while being outdoors. Dr Kirti Dua, in-charge Wildlife centre of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) said that the caretakers must keep their

Cherry juice may help reduce high BP

London: Drinking cherry juice can significantly reduce high blood pressure, particularly in males with early hypertension, to a level comparable to that achieved by medication, new research has found. High blood pressure if left untreated, increases risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease, stroke or dementia. The findings showed that men who drank tart

Eat grapes to help lower obesity risk

New York: Consuming grapes combined with a diet rich in saturated fats can lower obesity risk as well as improve gut bacteria, a new study has found. According to researchers, it may also help counter the negative effects of a high fat diet, including heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. The findings showed that the unique

Now mothers can share parenting tips online

Gurgaon: Mothers can now share their personal parenting experiences across cities and help other parents with their experiences though online portal mycity4kids, which is an online community for mother-bloggers in India. Since the website has more than 8000 stories, contributed by more than 1000 bloggers, the website has launched a #1000Mums8000Stories campaign. “We are extremely

Even listening to FM while driving is dangerous

London: Listening to traffic reports on the radio could be so dangerous for your driving that you could even miss an elephant standing by the side of the road, warns a study. “Anything that draws our attention away from driving can be problematic, even if it’s auditory like listening to the radio or having a

Consuming rice may put infants at higher urinary arsenic risk

New York: Beware, if you are feeding your infant with rice or rice products! According to a new study, infants who eat rice and rice products are likely to have higher urinary arsenic concentrations than those who do not consume any type of rice. The findings based on urine samples showed that arsenic concentrations were

Mediterranean diet may lower heart attacks, strokes risk

Wellington: A “Mediterranean” diet, high in fruit, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods, is likely to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease, finds a new study. The findings showed that for every 100 people eating the highest proportion of healthy “Mediterranean” foods, there were three fewer heart

Being harsh on your kids makes them fat

New York: Are you an authoritative parent? A new study has found that harsh parenting may increase a child’s risk of obesity and poor physical health in adulthood. According to researchers, attempts by one parent to counterbalance the harsh behaviour are not always effective in lessening that risk. “Harshness leads to problems with physical health

A banana a day may keep blindness away

Sydney: If you love apples, so also love the humble banana. Eating a banana daily is likely to boost eye health and prevent vision-related diseases, a study has found. Researchers have found that bananas have carotenoid — a compound that turn fruits and vegetables red, orange or yellow and are converted into vitamin A, important

Why you can’t say no to ice-cream, despite age

New York: Do you know why it becomes difficult to say decline ice-cream or cupcakes even when you have become a father yourself? According to researchers, media plays a major role in influencing attitudes of kids toward different foods. What kids read about food when they were young translates to eating habits they maintain through

Beware! Demanding bosses may harm your health

London: If you think that your ever-demanding boss always directs you to push the envelope and work extra hard to meet the deadlines, be alarmed as this workplace behaviour may be detrimental to your overall health in the long run. According to the researchers, seniors who inspire their staff to perform above and beyond the

Even daily-use products can make you fat!

New York: Exposure to chemicals found in everyday products can lead to an increase in body fat which may pose various health hazards, reveals new research. “Growing research shows that these chemicals could be harming people’s health,” said lead author Lei Yin, assistant research scientist at University of Georgia. Levels of phthalates — class of