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Healthy friendships

Healthy friendships may boost memory: study

Washington, Nov 2, Healthy friendships : Maintaining positive, warm and trusting friendships may not only reduce loneliness, but also sharpen your memory and boost brain function, a study has found.SuperAgers – who are 80 years of age and older and have cognitive ability at least as good as people in their 50s or 60s –

Secret of dogs and humans friendship found

New Delhi: We all know that dogs are faithful and trustworthy, but are they good friends of man? Yes, American scientists have found that dogs have special genetic traits for friendship.Dr. Bridget Wonholt University of Princeton explains that during research, it was found that the creativity of cats and other pets was found identical. In

Friendship unlikely between Obama and Modi, says New York Times

Washington: As President Obama gets ready to host Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the White House for the second time in as many years, a New York Times report describes the bond between the two as an “unlikely friendship”. “There are few relationships between Obama and another world leader more unlikely than the one