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Bride refuses to stay in groom's house

Bride refuses to stay in groom’s house

For all the Latest news download Daily Post app Click For Android:- Click For IOS:- Bride refuses to stay in groom’s house. Dabwali: All family enjoy the wedding party. Meanwhile, the bride started a dispute between the party. On the second day of marriage, the bride refused to stay because she did not like the house of

Groom badly beaten youngsters baraat Ludhiana Dugri

Groom badly beaten by youngsters during baraat

Groom badly beaten youngsters baraat Ludhiana Dugri. Ludhiana: A group of youths attacked on Barrat at the city’s Dugri Road and seriously injured Groom. The injured Groom was taken to the hospital. His condition is still very serious. The police arrived on the spot as soon as the incident was detected. Police is tracing the

parents reject 'beef dishes' demand of groom's family: UP

UP: Girl’s parents reject ‘beef dishes’ demand of groom’s family, cancel marriage

Girl’s parents reject ‘beef dishes‘ demand of groom’s family: UP. Bride refused to marry a boy for demanding beef on marriage by in-laws and rejected the marriage in Rampur UP. In fact groom and his family had put the condition before bride family that either serve beef in marriage or ready to cancel the wedding


Hostage Situation For Groom After Dowry Demand

As we are in 21st century or in digtal Era, but still some social evils resides in our country. Dowry system is one of them and a incident happened in Haryana regarding this. Where a dowry demand got a groom and his brother into trouble. The incident took place when the family of the groom,

Groom gets shot, seriously injured in celebratory firing

Hoshiarpur: A night before the wedding of a Jalandhar resident, groom accidentally sustained bullet injuries while his friends opening gunshots in celebrations, late night on Tuesday at Hoshiarpur. According to the information, the accused were under the influence of alcohol and opening the fire in air expressing the celebrations. The victim has been identified as