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Video Out of 'Hon Wala Sardar' by Rajvir Jawanda

Video Out of ‘Hon Wala Sardar’ by Rajvir Jawanda

Sometimes back the singer took to his Instagram where he shared the title of his upcoming track ‘Hon Wala Sardar’.Video out of ‘Hon Wala Sardar’ by Rajvir Jawanda. Today the singer shared the video of the song by the singer-actor. The wait is over and has satisfied the viewers as always by his melodious voice.

'Hon Wala Sardar' Rajvir Jawand's upcoming track

‘Hon Wala Sardar’ Rajvir Jawand’s upcoming track

Punjabi entertainment industry artists are familiar about how to impress their fans with their projects. Looking beyond to this the artists in our Punjabi entertainment industry are on verge to enthrall their fans with one after the other projects. One of the such artist who is all set to make your year full of entertainment

Rajvir Jawanda to debut in Punjabi movies through 'YAMLA'

Rajvir Jawanda to debut in Punjabi movies through ‘YAMLA’

All the singers turning out to be an amazing actors in the Pollywood industry and setting an example for the upcoming singers in the industry. One of the such fine singer now to be actor whom we will see on the silver screen soon with his debut project. He is none other then the Punjabi