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Four SC judges complain top court not in order

Democracy is in danger- SC Judges

In an unprecedented and “extraordinary” event in the history of Indian judiciary, four senior sitting judges of the Supreme Court on Friday met the media to allege that the administration of the country’s top court was not in order.”It is an extraordinary event in the history of judiciary and more particularly in this nation, even

Delhi AAP office theft: AAP leader on Sunday complained to Delhi Police

Theft at AAP office in Delhi

An Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader on Sunday said they have complained to Delhi Police regarding a theft at their office on Saturday.”About 25-28 election campaign material were stolen from the party office at 206, Rouse Avenue in central Delhi on Saturday morning,” AAP leader Vikas Yogi told IANS.”A complaint of theft was submitted at

If Petrol pump refuse accepting Rs 500, 1000 notes, complain to +91-9414021244

Complaint can be made on helpline number if any of the Petrol pump personal would deny to accept Rs 500 note or Rs 1000 note before the deadline of 11 November. Hindustan Petroleum : Rajiv Bhargav, Organiser HP- +91-9414021244 Bharat Petroleum : Pradeep Sharma, Organiser BP- +91-8875622444 Indian Oil : Rajesh Meena, Organiser IO-

Shopkeepers complain of fewer sales post-ban on high value banknotes

New Delhi: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation of high-value currency notes, shopkeepeers on Wednesday were having a tough time, as they complained of diminished sale mostly because they ran short of change. “By this time, I used to do sales worth six-seven thousand rupees, but it’s 11 a.m. now and I

I did not complain on ‘Magnificent Seven’ set: Chris Pratt

Los Angeles: Actor Chris Pratt didn’t moana bout anything on the set of “The Magnificent Seven” as he was surrounded by real life tough guys. Shooting the remake of the 1960 western was a difficult task, with the cast and crew having to film on location in the searing heat of the Louisiana summer. However,

Russians complain about torn flags at Olympics

Rio De Janeiro: Russia’s Olympic team has complained to Rio organizers after flags hanging in its Olympic village accommodation were allegedly desecrated. Synchronized swimmer Alexandra Patskevich told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that flags hanging inside Russia’s building were “torn down and tied in knots” on the floor on two occasions. Her comments sparked protests on