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8 lacs doctors across the country to go on day fast on Monday

Haryana: 179 doctors quit job, govt orders probe

Ravinder Singh Malik Chandigarh Haryana: 179 doctors quit job, govt orders probe. A total of 179 doctors have resigned from job due to various reasons in state which a matter of serious concern, people are facing lack of medical facilities. Along with this some doctors are yet to submit the required formalities.It has also created

smoking harm unborn baby woman

Know how smoking harms your unborn baby in the womb

The dangers of smoking are many, but the problem gets exponential when pregnant women opt for it as their unborn babies are also at risk. In spite of being aware of the ill effects associated with smoking, including several forms of cancer, the habit is still prevalent among many, including pregnant women. Smoking during pregnancy accounts

Health Minimally invasive procedure India

Health: Minimally invasive procedure used first time in India

The minimally invasive procedure direct anterior approach has been used first time in India by doctors in Hyderabad. A team of surgeons worked on a 53-year-old Somali patient, Mukhtar Hilowli, and performed a double hip replacement using the latest minimally invasive procedure the direct hip anterior for the first time in India. Minimally invasive surgery encompasses

Delhi TB Summit WHO South-East Asia

Delhi TB Summit: WHO South-East Asia countries commit to end TB

Tracking progress to eliminate tuberculosis, member countries of WHO South-East Asia Region have committed to further intensifying efforts to ensure rapid and concrete progress to End TB by 2030. In a statement adopted at the Delhi End TB Summit here, member countries unanimously agreed to actualizing and intensifying essential actions agreed to in the Delhi Call to Action which was adopted in March

New technology to identify blockages in heart patients

New technology to identify blockages in heart patients. A new technology has been found that can identify blockages in the heart, a study has revealed. Doctors evaluating patients for blockages in the heart are aided by having a good roadmap of the vascular terrain before they can insert stents to clear the impasse. Presented by

Doctors remove 72 coins from Palghar man’s stomach

Nashik, Dec 2, A 50-year-old tribal from Maharashtra’s Palghar district has been successfully operated upon on Thursday by doctors to remove 72 coins that the man had swallowed over a long period due to certain mental ilnesses, doctors said.Dr Amit Kele, who led the team of doctors that operated on Krishna Somalya Sambar, said that Sambar

Child right Commission summons civil surgeon, doctors for not attending patients at civil hospital

Following the reports of patients harassed at civil hospital due to the strike of doctors, the Punjab Child Rights Commission have taken the suo motto notice and summoned civil surgeon and others for explanation call. Two days ago, the doctors announced strike after BJP leader allegedly misbehaved with doctors over the issue of medical report.

Woman donates kidney to daughter in law, sets example

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is considered to be the North and the South Pole in a society. A mother-in-law from Karnal Haryana has donated her kidney to her daughter-in-law and has proved a mother-daughter relationship to be similar to the in-laws relationship.A 27-year-old daughter-in-law of Bala Devi, aged 55, received a high blood

Tobacco may cause irreversible blindness: AIIMS docs

Tobacco may cause irreversible blindness: AIIMS docs. New Delhi, Sep 1: Tobacco not only causes cancer, its prolonged consumption also may also lead to blindness, and often such cases are irreversible, doctors at AIIMS said today. They also said studies have shown that those who smoke tobacco, significantly increase their risk of developing cataract compared to

Rajasthan HC directs DC to take strict action in Jodhpur’s Umaid hospital case

Rajasthan HC. The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday after taking cognizance has directed Jodhpur district collector to take strict action in an incident where a baby died at Jodhpur’s Umaid hospital as an outcome of clashes between doctors inside the operation theatre.The court has also given time till September 4 to answer what all actions

Rajasthan: Doctors get into verbal spat during emergency operation

Rajasthan: Doctors get into verbal spat during emergency operation

In a shocking incident, two doctors got into a verbal spat while operating on a pregnant woman, in Umaid Hospital that comes under Sampurnanand Medical College here. The emergency operation was underway due to the low heartbeat of the foetus, which is when the incident took place. Dr. Ashok Nanaval, a gynaecologist, and Dr. M.L.

Mothers pre-eclampsia heart disease risk

Mothers with pre-eclampsia at heart disease risk later

New York: Mothers pre-eclampsia heart disease risk. A high blood pressure condition that typically threatens the lives of some pregnant women may also increase their risk of developing heart disease later in life, researchers have found. The findings show that women with a history of pre-eclampsia are more likely to face atherosclerosis — hardening and narrowing of

Newborn shocked the doctors with her weight

Newborn shocked the doctors with her weight

Newborn shocked the doctors with her weight. Cute munchkin from Karnataka shocked the doctors, who weigh 6.8kg which is almost as 6 month old baby. She is the heaviest newborn in India and probably the world!In a government hospital in Hassan, Karnataka, newborn shocked the doctors in 2016. Dr Venkatesh Raju, the local health officer

Pregnant Asha worker got her delivery without disclosing AIDS

Pregnant Asha worker got her delivery without disclosing AIDS

Pregnant Asha worker got her delivery without disclosing AIDS. Gurdaspur– Pregnant woman have got her delivery case from doctors in Civil Hospital, Gurdaspur.  Asha Worker and Pregnant have got a case of delivery from team 5-member doctors of Civil Hospital team, but she did not disclose her problem of positive result of HIV.Although the medical

Reason behind the bad handwriting of doctors

Reason behind the bad handwriting of doctors

Many people are frustrated by reading a prescription written by doctors. After many tries, they read only a few words. But do you know why the handwriting of doctors is so bad? There is a specific reason behind this.Doctor gives the answer of question According to one survey, approximately 7,000 people worldwide die because of

Indian doctor arrested groping sleeping teen

Indian doctor arrested for groping sleeping teen on flight

Indian doctor arrested groping sleeping teen. A 28-year-old Indian doctor has been arrested. He was touching a sleeping girl with wrong intention in a United Airlines flight while he was travelling to New Jersey, USA.According to the Washington Post Newspaper, the incident happened on 23 July. The girl was traveling alone in the Plane and

Consequences of Antibiotics on health

Consequences of Antibiotics on health

Doctors often give antibiotics to cure of illness and you feel well with those medicines. Antibiotics considered as a Keystone of modern medicines. Do you know that uses of these medicines will reduce the effect of other medicines? Yes, recent researches have revealed this.According to a UK-based specialist, completing the course of antibiotic medicine is

Researchers developed new drug improve tremor disease treatment

Researchers developed new drug improve tremor disease treatment. Researchers have developed a new drug that may limit the progression of Parkinson’s disease while providing better symptom relief to people with the disease. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are commonly managed using selective dopamine receptor agonists. While these drugs are useful in early-stage Parkinson’s, they tend to

Doctors on strike over attack on collegues

Hyderabad, Junior doctors at the government-run Osmania General Hospital (OGH) here went on strike after relatives of a patient attacked their colleagues. Nearly 250 junior doctors and house surgeons have been boycotting their duties except emergency services since Sunday night, demanding security for them and action against those involved in the attack. The strike by

PGI Doctors Abortion not possible 10 year old rape victim

PGI Doctors: Abortion not possible for 10 year old rape victim

For all the Latest news download Daily Post News app:- Click For Android Click For IOS PGI Doctors Abortion not possible10 year old rape victim. Gynecologists from PGIMER have ruled out the possibility of aborting the nearly eight-month pregnancy of a 10-year-old rape victim.Senior gynecologist said, “It will be just like delivering a baby, “from