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Punjabi man dies

Punjabi man dies in a road accident in Saudi Arabia

Punjabi man dies: According to the information, a Punjabi man was found dead in Saudi Arabia. Punjabi man lost his life in a road accident. According to sources, deceased was a resident of village Majri which is near Chamkaur Sahib. He came to Saudi Arabia one year and eight months ago in search of work. He

Killer pothole near Majri Chowk on Zirakpur-Kalka highway irks residents

Panchkula: Pothole related issues continue to haunt Panchkula residents as tackling them in traffic becomes deadly. Killer pot hole on Zirakpur-Kalka highway just before the crossing of the Majri chowk which is almost covering the full road has still failed to wake up National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) from deep slumber. However, this is

Family jams road in majri chowk

Chandigarh: Villagers of majri village jammed road near chandigarh, according to the villagers rage took over when surinder kaur’s(resident of majri chowk) husband cheated on her with second marriage and fake divorce. Family of surinder kaur accused him and his family of cheating and harrassment. Surinder kaur is survived with two daughters of 7 and