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TV Academy changes rules for 2018 Emmy Awards

Ahead of the 2018 Emmy Awards the Television Academy in the US has announced a few rule changes, including in a few key categories. Variety Special and Special Class categories have been restructured into Variety Special (Live) — which would include award shows and Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) which would include pre-taped specials, reported variety.com.The category

Maritime blockade would be declaration of war: N.Korea

Pyongyang, Dec 10 (IANS) Maritime blockade would be declaration of war: N.Korea. North Korea on Sunday said that a maritime blockade would be a declaration of war, in reference to one of the new sanctions that the US mentioned it could impose on Pyongyang after its latest ballistic missile launch.”The US moves for sea blockade

Three killed in shooting in New Mexico high school

Three killed in shooting in New Mexico high school

Three killed shooting New Mexico high school: At least three people were killed and 15 other injured in a shooting incident at a school in United States‘ New Mexico, on Thursday.According to CNN, Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal said, “Two people and a shooter were shot in an incident at Aztec High School in Aztec,

New techniques to boost wheat production

techniques to boost wheat production: A team of researchers has suggested that purified single-walled carbon nano tubes dispersed in water improved the early growth of wheat grass, but in presence of contaminants, those same nano tubes could do great harm. Researcher from Rice University in Houston, Texas, US grew wheat grassin a hydroponic garden to

Trump's travel ban

US Supreme Court allows Trump’s travel ban

Trump’s travel ban: The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the third version of the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into effect while legal challenges against it continue. The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and eventually dismissed disputes over the

Teacher calls the police after six-year-old Muslim child says ‘Allah’ in class

Houston : – A six-year-old Muslim boy with Down syndrome was feared as a terrorist by his teacher in a US school after he kept repeating ‘Allah’ and ‘boom’ in his classroom, a media report said. Mohammad Suleiman was born with Down Syndrome and he has intellectual difficulties, according to his father.He said his son’s

Trump accuses FBI of adopting double standard

Washington, Dec 3, US President Donald Trump today accused the FBI of adopting a double standard while probing his former national security advisor Michael Flynn and 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton. In a series of tweets, Trump said that “nothing happened” to Hillary who lied many times to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while General

US condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan

Washington, Dec 2, The US today strongly condemned the terrorist attack on an agriculture training institute in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar in which at least 12 people, including six students, were killed.Three burqa-clad heavily-armed Taliban militants, who arrived on an auto rickshaw, yesterday attacked the students’ hostel of the Directorate of Agriculture Extension on the

Russia to ban American journalists from covering parliament

Russia’s decision to pass a measure that would ban American journalists from covering the Duma, the lower chamber of its Parliament, comes as a major blow to media freedom. The Head of the Duma’s lower chamber’s committee on regulations and control, Olga Savastyanova, said that she was “examining” a proposal to ban American journalists from Duma. The parliament will

Trump donates third-quarter salary for combating opioid epidemic

Washington, Dec 1, In a noble gesture, US President Donald Trump today donated his third-quarter salary to the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) to help fight the opioid epidemic. Trump’s annual salary is USD 400,000. So, effectively his donation amount would be about USD 100,000.“His decision to donate his salary is a tribute to

India needs to cherish and nurture its Muslims: Obama

New Delhi, Dec 1, India needs to cherish and nurture its Muslim population that is integrated and considers itself Indian, former US president Barack Obama said here today. It is an idea that needs to be reinforced, the former president said at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.Obama said he had emphasised the need for religious tolerance

First Sikh woman

A First Sikh woman elected as mayor in U.S.

Preet Didbal has been elected as the mayor of Yuba city in California, becoming the first Sikh woman to hold the position in the United States. Ms. Didbal was appointed by the California city council and will be sworn in on December 5. The first Sikh woman to be elected mayor in the U.S. told,  “It’s very

Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Ivanka bats for women empowerment at Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Families, economies, societies reach their fullest potential when women are empowered, said Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the United States President, on Tuesday. Ivanka, who is daughter of United States President Donald Trump, was speaking at the inaugural function of Global Entrepreneurship Summit here. “Only when women are empowered to thrive; our families, our economies, and our societies reach

Fungal infection found in heart transplant patient after 30 years

A new report of the man’s case reveals by the team of US-based doctors that a 70-year-old man who underwent a heart transplant in 1986 was diagnosed with a fungal infection after 30 years.Histoplasma is common in some parts of the U.S. — namely, around the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys — but not in

US firm promotes surgery for permanent blue eyes

San Francisco, Nov 23: US firm promotes surgery for permanent blue eyes. A US medical company is promoting a new laser surgery for people who want to permanently change their eye colour to blue.California-based Stroma Medical has helped at least 37 patients to change their eye colour from brown to blue with a laser surgery

Teacher pulls off Muslim students hijab in US

Teacher pulls off Muslim student’s hijab in US

New York, Nov 19, Teacher pulls off Muslim students hijab in US : A Muslim girl student has alleged that her hijab was pulled off by a school teacher in the US state of Virginia, according to a media report.The teacher pulled off the girl’s hijab while she was talking with her friends at the

wedding cake

Trump and Melania’s wedding cake up for sale

Washington, Nov 18, Trump and Melania’s wedding cake up for sale : A souvenir cake from US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania’s wedding has been put on an auction with the minimum bid at just USD 250. The duo cut a seven-tier cake worth USD 50,000 in their wedding in 2005.Julien’s Auctions, a

Chinese N Korean envoys talk

Chinese, N Korean envoys talk up ties despite nuclear tensions

Shanghai, Nov 18, Chinese N Korean envoys talk up ties despite nuclear tensions : A senior Chinese envoy has met an aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in Pyongyang, the two sides said Saturday, stressing longstanding ties despite deep divisions over the North’s nuclear activities. Song Tao is visiting on behalf of President Xi

California eyes Indian travellers for growth in tourism

New Delhi, Nov 17, India holds an important place for tourism growth in California, says Caroline Beteta of Visit California, who is on the country for the first ever CEO mission that promises to make invaluable relationships and build excitement around the Golden State’s commitment to the Indian market. “We are very excited for the

Trump wants China

Trump wants China to put maximum pressure on N Korea: WH

Washington, Nov 17, Trump wants China to put maximum pressure on N Korea: WH : US President Donald Trump favours China taking a greater role in putting maximum pressure on North Korea to curb its nuclear weapons programme, the White House has said, following Beijing’s decision to send a special envoy to Pyongyang. Chinese President

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