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longest lunar eclipse universe

Countdown begins to longest-ever lunar eclipse in the universe

Friday will turn into a day to remember, as the world will witness the longest lunar eclipse to date, which will last for an hour and forty-five minutes.According to CNN, the moon will be in perfect alignment with the sun and Earth, with the moon in the middle of the Earth and the sun. Coupled with

NASA launches new anti-harassment policy for employees

NASA launches new anti-harassment policy for employees

Taking a firm stand against workplace harassment, NASA has launched a new campaign for its employees saying that the space agency will not tolerate any kind of harassment.”Harassment, including sexual harassment, has no place here at NASA and will not be tolerated. It’s not consistent with our values, our employee engagement, and our high-performance culture.

Long-lost satellite

NASA attempts to contact long-lost satellite

US space agency NASA on Monday said that it’s attempting to contact a satellite it lost more than a decade ago, after it was discovered possibly still alive by an amateur astronomer earlier this month. “We are attempting to contact the IMAGE satellite via the Deep Space Network after an amateur astronomer reported making contact in

NASA’s GOLD mission

NASA’s GOLD mission continues despite launch anomaly

NASA’s GOLD mission continues despite launch anomaly: NASA has reported that despite a glitch within minutes of its GOLD mission launch, the satellite is communicating with control systems.Commercial aerospace company Arianespace which launched the SES-14 satellite carrying NASA’s GOLD mission on Friday confirmed that despite an anomaly during the mission’s ride into orbit, the probe

NASA astronauts conduct first spacewalk of 2018

Washington, Jan 24, Two NASA astronauts on Tuesday conducted the first spacewalk of the year while working on a robotic arm. Astronauts Scott Tingle and Mark Vande Hei, crewmembers of the Expedition 54 aboard the International Space Station (ISS), spent about 6.5 hours outside the space station. “This is going to be a lifetime memory

Pure Water Ice Found on Mars!

When most people think of Mars, they think of a barren red desert, lifeless and without water. As it turns out, researchers studying high-resolution photos taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found massive ice sheets. The team studied 8 locations on the Red Planet where massive landslides had recently occurred, much to their surprise,

Boeing, SpaceX progressing towards first crewed missions in 2018: NASA

US space agency NASA said on Thursday its industry partners, Boeing and SpaceX, are targeting the return of human spaceflight from Florida’s Space Coast in 2018. “Both companies are scheduled to begin flight tests to prove the space systems meet NASA’s requirements for certification in the coming year,” Xinhua quoted NASA as saying. “Boeing’s Starliner will launch

New Year's Supermoon

India witnesses New Year’s Supermoon

New Year’s Supermoon: On Tuesday 3:30 am IST, the Moon reached its perigee, the closest point in its orbit around the Earth, at a distance of roughly 3,56,565 km. A super moon is a lunar phenomenon that occurs when a full moon is at its closest point to earth. This makes the moon appear up

Next-gen robots to repair satellites, destroy enemy fleet

Next-gen robots to repair satellites, destroy enemy fleet

Next-gen robots to repair satellites, destroy enemy fleet: Washington, NASA has teamed up with the US defence research agency to build robots that can not only refuel and repair satellites, but also sabotage enemy spacecraft in the event of space war. These robotic satellites, known as “service stations in orbit,” could drastically improve the lifespan of

NASA send probe to Titan or a comet by 2025

NASA to send probe to Titan or a comet by 2025

NASA send probe to Titan or a comet by 2025: Washington, NASA has picked two concepts for a solar system mission planned to launch in the mid-2020s — a comet sample return mission and a drone-like rotorcraft that would explore potential landing sites on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.Which of these two mission will finally make it

NASA found solar system with 8 planets using Google AI

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) approach from Google researchers helped NASA discover two exoplanets, including an eighth planet around the star Kepler-90. With an eighth planet circling Kepler-90, our solar system now is tied for most number of planets around a single star, NASA and Google said in a statement late on

Student satellite helps solve major space mystery

New York, Dec 14 (PTI) Student satellite helps solve major space mystery. A 60-year-old mystery regarding the source of some energetic and potentially damaging particles in the Earth’s radiation belts has been solved, using data from a student operated shoebox-sized satellite.The results indicate energetic electrons in Earth’s inner radiation belt – primarily near its inner

India developing small rocket to cash in on small-satellite boom

By Venkatachari JagannathanChennai, Dec 14 (IANS) India developing small rocket to cash in on small-satellite boom. With the size of earth observation satellites reducing and the future trend moving towards a constellation of small satellites rather than a large one, India’s space agency is developing a smaller rocket that can carry satellites weighing up to

Alien peering

Is it an alien peering out of cave on Mars? Picture says so

Alien peering: The alleged shy “fish-faced alien” is just one of a string of so-called discoveries this week which also include a crashed drone, Easter Island head, and even houses. Scott C Waring, who devotes hours of his time to scouring images beamed back to Earth by the 4WD droid which is exploring the surface

Andromeda Galaxy gets ‘Photobombed’

Andromeda Galaxy gets ‘Photobombed’ by supermassive black hole pair

Andromeda Galaxy gets ‘Photobombed’: NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has accidentally photographed tightly coupled pair of super massive black holes ever seen. The unexpected recent image was taken by the X-ray Observatory while it was studying the Andromeda galaxy.According to a press release from NASA, the discovery was made using the space agency’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, with supporting

Rejected by DU, accepted by NASA, now on Forbes 30 Under 30: Tirthak Saha’s story

Tirthak Saha, once a resident of Dwarka, Delhi, belongs to a humble family — his father is a school teacher and his mother works in the postal department. However, Tirthak, who works for American Electric Power (AEP), Indiana, which provides electricity to 5.4 million people in 11 states of the United States of America, has

NASA map shows Earth changed

NASA map shows how Earth changed in 20 years

NASA map shows Earth changed in 20 years: Washington, A new NASA map resulting from 20 years of observing “life” on our home planet has discovered long-term changes across continents and ocean basins.The space-based view of life allows scientists to monitor crop, forest and fisheries health around the globe, NASA said.Satellites measured land and ocean life

Advanced satellite to improve US weather forecast launched

Washington, Nov 18 : Advanced satellite to improve US weather forecast launched . NASA on Saturday successfully launched for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) a highly advanced polar-orbiting satellite to improve weather forecasts up to seven days in advance. The Joint Polar Satellite System-1 (JPSS-1) lifted off on a United Launch Alliance Delta


First ever Interstellar object gets a Hawaiian name as ‘Oumuamua’

An interstellar asteroid has received a name that’s fitting to its status: Oumuamua (“Oh-moo-ah-moo-ah”), a Hawaiian word meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first.” The Hawaiian word ‘Oumuamua is loosely translated as “scout” or “messenger,” combining the word ‘ou, which means to reach out for, and mua, which means first or in advance of (repeated

Juno completes 8th science flyby of Jupiter

Washington, Nov 3 : Juno completes 8th science flyby of Jupiter. NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent data confirming that it performed the eighth science flyby over Jupiter’s mysterious cloud tops on October 24, the US space agency said in a statement on Friday.Juno was launched on August 5, 2011, from Cape Canaveral in Florida and