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Coast Guard copter pilot passes away

Coast Guard copter pilot passes away

Coast Guard copter pilot passes away. Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Captain Penny Chaudhary passed away on Tuesday evening due to a head injury. She was the co-pilot of a Chetak helicopter that had a hard landing earlier this month near Maharashtra’s Nandgaon Beach, causing her the head injury. Chaudhary was undergoing treatment at the INHS

Delta flight delayed

Delta flight delayed after bird sneaked into the cockpit

Delta flight delayed: A flight to Atlanta had to turn back on Saturday after the pilot spotted a tiny stowaway had sneaked on board.  The pilot spotted a sparrow fly into the cockpit and the flight was delayed while crews searched for the bird. The feathered culprit slipped on to the plane during boarding and then made

Indian Navy gets its first woman pilot, 3 women NAI officers

Kannur (Ker), Nov 23, Indian Navy gets first woman pilot, 3 women NAI officers : In a first, a woman has been inducted as a pilot in the Indian Navy. Shubhangi Swaroop, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, will soon be flying Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft.Three other women cadets, Astha Segal from New Delhi, Roopa A from

Amritsar’s daughter to fly high

Amritsar daughter Anupreet Kaur to fly high. Anupreet Kaur, a young girl hailing from Amritsar, has successfully become a pilot with her hard work and dedication towards. Anupreet a resident of village ‘Her’, Amritsar district, is working as a commercial pilot in Jet Airways as first flying officer.The achievement of Anupreet has once again proved that

Jet Airways pilot sent defamation notice to Harbhajan singh

Jet Airways pilot sent defamation notice to Harbhajan singh

A former jet airways pilot Bernd Hoesslin has sent a defamation notice to cricketer Harbhajan Singh and his friends. He is from Germany. Harbhajan Singh had accused him of being a racist remark, after which he was expelled from the job on 5 May.Now the pilot has filed a defamation complaint against Harbhajan and two


Pilot Lands His Chopper At McDonald’s Like A Boss To Grab A Quick Bite

Residents in the vicinity of a McDonald’s in Sydney were stunned when a helicopter landed right in front of the fast food joint on Saturday. Pilot landed heli in front of Mc donalds without heliPad. When people gathered to see , pilot was even more taken a back when the pilot jauntily leave the helicopter.Its blades still

Harbhajan Singh Lashes Out at Jet Airways ‘Racist’ Pilot

  Harbhajan singh on Wednesday lost his cool and lashed out at jet airways pilot for racial discrimination against a fellow Indian passenger on the flight.Bhajji who is currently playing for Mumbai Indians in Indian Premier League, took to twitter to say that the pilot named Bernd Hoesllin “physically assaulted a lady and abused a

Retired pilot commits suicide after fight with wife, daughter

New Delhi: A 61-year-old retired pilot committed suicide by shooting himself after an argument with his wife and daughter in New Delhi, on Saturday. The deceased has been identified as Anand Kumar Singh, living in Mavila Apartments in Mayur Vihar area of east Delhi. According to police, he was found dead by his wife and

Pilot killed in acrobatic plane crash in China

Beijing: The pilot of an acrobatic plane waskilled today after it plummeted to the ground during a flight show in northwest China’s Gansu Province, the event organizer said. The plane crashed at the 1st Silk Road International General Aviation Convention in the city of Zhangye caused, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. No casualties were caused

MCL receives proposal of smart poles as pilot project in Punjab

Ludhiana: Like energy efficient street lights the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana has now received a proposal to get smart poles for these LED lights installed in the city. A private company has come forward for this project as a pilot project in the state. However the MC authorities are still examining the proposal and final decision

France faces pilot strike as Euro 2016 gets underway

Paris: France was revelling in a victorious start to the Euro 2016 today after winning the opening match, but a strike by Air France pilots threatened to disrupt travel for hundreds of thousands of fans. Police were on high alert in the southern city of Marseille, where England and Russia supporters clashed and hurled bottles