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smoking harm unborn baby woman

Know how smoking harms your unborn baby in the womb

The dangers of smoking are many, but the problem gets exponential when pregnant women opt for it as their unborn babies are also at risk. In spite of being aware of the ill effects associated with smoking, including several forms of cancer, the habit is still prevalent among many, including pregnant women. Smoking during pregnancy accounts

UK govt opposes use of phrase ‘pregnant woman’

London, Oct 22, The UK government is opposed to the use of the phrase “pregnant woman” because it could be perceived as excluding transgender people who have also given birth. The statement comes in Britain’s official submission on proposed amendments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the UK has been

Rajasthan: Doctors get into verbal spat during emergency operation

Rajasthan: Doctors get into verbal spat during emergency operation

In a shocking incident, two doctors got into a verbal spat while operating on a pregnant woman, in Umaid Hospital that comes under Sampurnanand Medical College here. The emergency operation was underway due to the low heartbeat of the foetus, which is when the incident took place. Dr. Ashok Nanaval, a gynaecologist, and Dr. M.L.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Know what may happen to pregnant women

The second largest solar eclipse of 2017 will take place at around 9 o’clock in the night of August 21 (Monday). The solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. In such a way, the rays of the Sun do not reach the earth. According to astrology, both the lunar

UP: Pregnant Woman Asked To Leave Hospital, Delivers Child In E-Rick

A pregnant woman in Saharanpur was allegedly asked to leave from a hospital here in the middle of the night by the staff, following which she gave birth to a boy in an e-rickshaw, the police said today. Munawar, who was in labour, was admitted the district woman’s hospital on the night of August 14

Man arrested for over speeding to hospital

A new dad in Louisiana missed the birth of his daughter when he was arrested while driving his wife to the hospital after she went into early labor.When Bridget Evans went into labor Monday evening, seven weeks before her due date, she said she and her husband, Zak, jumped into the car, put on the


The most adorable reaction of tiger after seeing a pregnant woman

The most adorable reaction of tiger after seeing a pregnant woman. lately a video has come out on internet of a tiger nuzzling the belly of a pregnant lady which is much adore by people that it has took the internet by strom. The pregnant mum-to-be Brittany Osborne, from Indiana, US, was at an event

Ludhiana: pregnant woman killed by husband and his brother

Ludhiana: pregnant woman killed by husband and his brother

A seven-month pregnant woman died in a Ludhiana village after her husband and brother-in-law allegedly tied her hands and kept pressing the stomach till the foetus, suspected to be female, came out, police said. When the woman died, she and the foetus were thrown away in a field from where the police recovered them. Manjit

Risk of diabetes in pregnant women can increase with hot weather

Risk of diabetes in pregnant woman can increase with hot weather. The Outdoor temperature exposure on pregnant women showed women in warmer climates had 7.7% higher risk of developing gestational diabetes as compared to a 4.6% risk of those staying in colder climates. Author Gillian Booth, a researcher at St Michael Hospital in Ontario,Canada said


Pregnant woman, husband killed for ‘honour’ in Pakistan

Lahore: A heavily pregnant woman and her husband have been shot dead by her brother in Punjab province for marrying a man without the family’s consent, the latest incident of “honour killing” in Pakistan days after another pregnant woman was killed by her mother. Muhammad Shakil, 30, and his wife Aqsa, 26, were killed for