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Michelle Obama extols ‘Black Panther’ cast

Michelle Obama extols ‘Black Panther’ cast. Former first lady of the US Michelle Obama believes the film “Black Panther” will be an inspiration to individuals from all backgrounds, and the youth will see superheroes that look like them. Michelle appreciated and hailed the team of “Black Panther”, which is among the first films from the

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla HOUSTON: Indian-American Ravinder Bhalla, who became the first Sikh mayor of New Jersey’s Hoboken city, has publicly acknowledged that death threats were made against him and his family recently. In a statement issued Friday afternoon following a security breach at City Hall, Bhalla said the city is

US reality TV star Kylie Jenner gives birth to baby girl

US reality TV star Kylie Jenner gives birth to baby girl. Reality television star Kylie Jenner has given birth to her first child, a daughter. The reality star, 20, took to Instagram on Sunday to confirm her pregnancy and announce that she and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed the new bundle of joy after months of

Women's March in US

Women’s March in US on first anniversary of Trump administration

A year after millions of people turned out for the Women’s March and took to the streets en masse to protest President Trump’s inauguration, demonstrators gathered in cities across the US, galvanised by their disdain for Trump and his administration’s policies. The one in New York was expected to be one of the largest, with some

Christmas preparations

Christmas preparations around the world

Christmas preparations: Christmas Eve traditions are a fun part of celebrating the holiday, but not everyone has the same traditions. Christmas Eve traditions around the world change drastically depending on where you live. This really isn’t much of a surprise if you think about how the various cultures on the Earth differ from one another.

Time Magazine honours Ian Grillot

Time Magazine honours Ian Grillot who took bullet for Indian

Time Magazine honours Ian Grillot: Ian Grillot, the US national who took a bullet for an Indian while trying to intervene during a racially-motivated shooting in Kansas early this year has been honoured by Time magazine. Grillot’s name features in the magazine among “5 Heroes Who Gave Us Hope in 2017.”Grillot, then 24, was injured when he

US recognises Jerusalem

US recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

US recognises Jerusalem: President Trump on Wednesday formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy and setting in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City.With this step of US recognising Jerusalem, Trump has fulfilled one of

US man accused

US man accused of killing Indian techie pleads not guilty

US man accused of killing an Indian techie and injuring two others killing in a racially motivated hate crime at a bar in Kansas City early this year has pleaded not guilty. Adam Purinton, 52, was charged with first-degree murder in the February shooting in Olathe that killed 32-year-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla. He also faces two counts

Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home

Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home

Google Assistant broadcast messages via Google Home: Tech MNC Google has installed an update enabling users with Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home, thus helping the latter double up as an intercom system within one’s residence or office.With the update in place, users can set off Assistant on their smartphone to send messages

350th birth anniversary Guru Gobind Singh

350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh celebrated in US

Washington, Nov 7, The 350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, the founder of Sikhism, was celebrated here with an evening of divine classical music. Guru Nanak Jayanti also known as Gurpurab and Prakash Utsav marks the birthday of the first Sikh Guru Guru Nanak. It is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism

Eliminating dollar

Isolate the Americans by eliminating dollar : Iran to Russia

Eliminating dollar : The best way to beat US sanctions against Iran and Russia is joint efforts to dump the American currency in bilateral trade, according to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. “By ignoring the negative propaganda of the enemies, that seek to weaken relations between countries, we can nullify US sanctions, using methods such as

Sikh teen thrashed in US by classmates

Sikh teen thrashed in US by

Sikh teen thrashed in US by classmates

Sikh teen thrashed in US by classmates

Sikh teen thrashed in US by classmates. – – – – – Advertisement – – – – – A 14-year-old Sikh boy was beaten up by a classmate here, with his father claiming that he victim was targeted as he is of Indian descent, the media reported. The incident happened on October 26 less than

Donald Trump's Twitter account

Donald Trump’s Twitter account disappears for 11 minutes

Trump’s Twitter account disappears: United States President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account disappeared for a 11 minutes on Thursday evening.   Those trying to access @realDonaldTrump on Twitter just before 7 p.m. Eastern came across a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” message.However, after few minutes, the account page reappeared and seemed to be functioning as

Washington issues Niger travel warning

Washington issues Niger travel warning

Washington issues Niger travel warning. The US State Department has announced that it has warned its citizens of the risks of travelling to Niger due to “terrorist activity, kidnappings and high rate of crime” there. US citizens should avoid travel to Niger’s border regions with Libya, Mali, Nigeria and Chad because of “activity by various

US reviewing refugee requests from 11 unidentified nations

US President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees entering the country is no longer in effect and the administration will implement a procedure involving greater scrutiny of applications, a State Department official said. “The suspension of processing refugees ends today, October 24,” the State Department official as saying on Tuesday on condition of anonymity. The refugees from 11

US resumes premium processing of all H-1B visa categories

US resumes premium processing of all H-1B visa categories

The US has resumed premium processing of H-1B work visas in all categories, months after it was suspended temporarily to handle the huge rush of applications for the work visas popular among Indian IT professionals. Premium processing of H-1B visa was suspended in April to handle huge rush of new petitions. In September, the country

Moon's first space station: Russia, US have agreed to cooperate

Russia, US to jointly build moon’s first space station

Moon’s first space station: Russia and United states on Wednesday have agreed to corporate on a NASA-led project to build the first lunar space station, part of long term project to send humans to Mars. Project called Deep Space Gateway will push mankind to Mars and in solar system. The project envisages building a crew-tended spaceport in lunar

Congress to woo NRIs for ‘Mission 2019’

Arjun Sharma To strengthen the NRI base keeping in view mission 2019, Congress has started making efforts. The recent visit of party Vice President Rahul Gandhi to United States is also seen as an effort to consolidate support of NRIs that had played a crucial role during 2014 elections.Punjabi NRIs even from Canada visited the

Four U.S. tourists attacked with acid, one woman arrested

The Marseille prosecutor’s office on Sunday said that four young female U.S. tourists have been attacked with acid in Marseille’s main train station by a woman who has been arrested. Two of the tourists have been injured in the face while the other two were hospitalised with shock, according to local news agencies.The attack took

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