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India among top 5 nations who tweet most about Bitcoin

India is among the top five countries that tweet the most about Bitcoin and Facebook’s upcoming “Libra” cryptocurrency. The US leads in the volume of tweets referencing Bitcoin and “Libra” digital coin that is expected to come in 2020, revealed crypto-trading platform The TIE in a series of tweets. The study found that 38.9 per

Facebook’s digital coin frightening: Co-founder

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who initiated the call to break up the social networking giant, has termed the new digital currency Libra “frightening”.In a series of tweets, Hughes said Libra has a long way to go before being successful, but in theory, it’s “brilliant and frightening”. “At the start of the week, I thought the

Hand over data privacy records: US judge tells Facebook

A US judge has asked Facebook to hand over data privacy records related to the massive Cambridge Analytica scandal.According to a report in Engadget on Friday, Facebook shareholders in September 2018 sued the social networking platform to obtain information pertaining to the data leak of 87 million users.”Today. A US judge sided with shareholders, ordering

Facebook, Twitter remove Iran-linked fake accounts

Facebook Twitter: Facebook has removed fake accounts that originated in Iran and several of those presented themselves as journalists associated with top media houses.In a statement, Twitter said it has also removed at least 2,800 inauthentic accounts from Iran since May. “We removed 51 Facebook accounts, 36 Pages, seven Groups and three Instagram accounts involved

Facebook, Instagram ban 'dangerous' individuals

Facebook, Instagram ban ‘dangerous’ individuals

Facebook and its photo-messaging service Instagram have banned several right-wing extremists it deems “dangerous” including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and long-time Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone. Facebook and Instagram also banned the “Nation of Islam” leader Louis Farrakhan who has repeatedly made anti-Semitic statements.”We’ve always banned individuals or organisations that promote or engage in violence

FB to fund study on social media's role in democracy

FB to fund study on social media’s role in democracy

Facebook has announced its first grants for independent research on social media’s impact on democracy that will investigate, among other things, the role of technology platforms in spread of misinformation. Social media platforms have come under intense scrutiny around the world ever since allegations surfaced of Russian-linked accounts trying to influence the 2016 US presidential

Facebook exposed millions of Instagram passwords

A day after admitting it “unintentionally” uploaded emails of nearly 1.5 million of new users, Facebook has now revealed that millions of Instagram passwords were stored on its servers in a readable format.Last month, Facebook said that it fixed a security issue wherein millions of its users’ passwords were stored in plain text and “readable”

Facebook may hire journalists to curb fake news

Facebook may hire journalists to curb fake news

Facebook hire journalists to curb fake news: In order to better tackle fake news and improve quality of content on its platform, Facebook might hire a new generation of digital-era journalists and news publishers. In a discussion with Mathias Dopfner, CEO of Europe’s largest publisher Axel Springer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday talked over

Facebook kills 687 fake accounts linked to Congress

Facebook kills 687 fake accounts linked to Congress

Facebook kills 687 fake accounts linked to Congress. In a startling revelation ahead of the general elections, Facebook on Monday announced it has removed 687 spam Facebook Pages and accounts connected to individuals associated with the Congress party’s IT cell.The individuals engaging in this coordinated inauthentic behaviour used fake accounts and joined various Groups to

Facebook launches tools to boost election engagement

Facebook launches tools to boost election engagement

Social-networking site Facebook on Tuesday launched two new India-specific tools – “Candidate Connect” and “Share You Voted” – to boost civic engagement on its platform during the general elections that commence in April. While “Candidate Connect” will help people learn more about candidates, the “Share You Voted” will provide people with polling information and enable

Now facebook is more secure

More secure facebook: Mired in several data breaches amid growing government hearings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday said he is working to make his social networking platform “privacy-focused” like WhatsApp. Admitting that people want private, encrypted services, he said Facebook will become like the mobile messaging platform WhatsApp which is more secure with end-to-end

Facebook, Apple, Twitter face EU inquest for violating GDPR

Facebook, Apple, Twitter face EU inquest for violating GDPR: San Francisco, March 2 (IANS) Facebook is facing 10 probes for violating the European Union’s (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) over data breaches and users’ privacy across its platforms.In its first annual report after GDPR came into practice on May 25, 2018, the Irish

Facebook accused of revealing sensitive health data

THE ISSUE WAS FIRST NOTICED IN JULY WHEN MEMBERS OF A WOMEN’S GROUP WITH A GENE MUTATION DISCOVERED HOW EASILY THE DETAILS OF MEMBERS COULD HAVE BEEN DOWNLOADED IN BULK Facebook has been accused of failing to protect sensitive health data of users in its groups. “Facebook has marketed this product as a Personal Health

Facebook political Polls 2019

Facebook verifying political ads ahead of 2019 LS Polls

Facing intense scrutiny over the misuse of  its platform globally during elections, Facebook has announced fresh steps to increase ad transparency and defend against foreign interference ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls in India. Now anyone who wants to run and in India related to politics will need to first confirm their identity and location, and give more details about who placed the ad, the social networking giant said in a statement late Thursday. “We’re

Ludhiana girl Harkamal cracked PCS Judicial

Ludhiana Ludhiana girl Harkamal cracked PCS Judicial. Unlike most of the youngsters, Ludhiana Girl Harkamal Kaur avoids using social networking sites- Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp and only concentrated on her studies. With the hard work and dedication she cleared PCS Judicial exam and becomes judicial official. Talking to Daily Post, Harkamal said that though she

WhatsApp to limit message forwarding to 5 chats in India

WhatsApp to limit message forwarding to 5 chats in India

WhatsApp to limit message forwarding to 5 chats in India. As the government served WhatsApp with a second notice asking it to check the spread of fake and provocative content, the Facebook-owned platform has said it is launching a test to limit forwarding that will apply to everyone in India. “In India where people forward

Facebook faces $660,000 fine in UK for data leak

Facebook faces $660,000 fine in UK for data leak

LONDON: UK’s data protection watchdog plans to slap a fine of 500,000 pounds ($662,501) on Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal. This is the highest permitted fine under Britain’s data protection law. In its investigation, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that Facebook broke British law by failing to safeguard people’s information, and

Now, type in Morse code with Google Gboard

Now, type in Morse code with Google Gboard

California [United States]: Google has added support for Morse code to its Gboard app for iOS. With support for Morse code, it will become easier for users with limited motion to communicate with just dots and dashes.The new support replaces the usual letters with the coded dots and dashes, and also offers text suggestions for

YouTube releases new tool to keep a check on stolen videos

YouTube releases new tool to keep a check on stolen videos

San Francisco [United States]: It is heartbreaking to see the video you produced with so much effort getting stolen or worse, replicated on another channel without your permission.To curb the menace, YouTube is releasing a new tool called Copyright Match tool to let creators see if their videos are being stolen and take relevant action