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6-year-old boy strangulated to death over mischief in Amritsar

6 year old boy, Shubhpreet Singh, was strangulated to death allegedly by an 18-year-old neighbor over his fiddling with a power generator and scratching his tractor with a needle, in Malakpur village of Jandiala Guru subdivision in Amritsar district, police said on Tuesday.Shubhpreet, a 6 year old student of Class I and belonging to a

Firing Grain Market Jandiala Guru Amritsar Two Injured

Firing In Grain Market Of Jandiala Guru, Two Injured

Firing Grain Market Jandiala Guru Amritsar Two Injured. Two persons were seriously injured in the firing after the rivalry this afternoon at Jandiala Guru Grain Market.According to the information received, this incident has occurred due to the rivalry between two commission

Jandiala Guru-What they say

   You are a former excise officer; do you think traders will vote for you? Those who appease the traders on one pretext or the other may feel scared. Those who work honestly and with integrity earn respect.  How sure are you about winning? AAP is a party having neat and clean image.